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Compassionate Leave

Yes, I’ve read the legal stuff on the government website, but what would you say to the following:

Pig’s dad died unexpectedly on a Tuesday in February last year, he had recently been diagnosed with Cancer but actually died of meningitis which the hospital FAILED to treat .. he might have stood a fighting chance if they had!

Pig was devastated – I had the day of his dad’s death off to be with Pig as he phoned me in a panic before I’d got to work to get to the hospital quickly .. not that we knew at 8.00 am that his father was going to die, just that he might.

On the Friday morning afterwards Pig lost it and I couldn’t leave him, so I phoned work and said I wouldn’t be in .. much screaming and shouting from the FC .. so I went in to work for 5 hours.

Total time off = 1 day 2 hours (I had a week’s holiday booked at the time of the funeral so didn’t have any time off for that).

Some 5, or so weeks later my dad went into hospital never to come out .. 2 nights a week I left 30 minutes early to go to the hospital and feed him his tea – total time off work = 3 hours.  Dad died on a Bank Holiday which was very considerate of him .. but I had the Tuesday off to be with mum and sisters etc sorting stuff out.  So we are now up to 1 day and 3 hours.  For the day of the funeral I had “compassionate” leave, but the day before and after I had to take as holiday … total “compassionate” time off = 2 days 3 hours.

This year on the anniversary of dad’s death (which was a Tuesday) I said to Accounts Lady who runs the holiday chart .. that I would be off on that day and that we were interring dad’s ashes and I would not be taking it as holiday and wouldn’t be filling in the required form.

Still with me?

I’ve just booked another holiday, so I filled in my form and gave it to her .. taking into account that I still had an extra day in the 1 day I’d had for compassionate leave .. she gave me a copy of the up-dated chart and said that there was a discrepancy between the days left I’d put down and hers .. because she had put the one day off on the chart .. even though no form was filled in.  So I said this to her .. her reply was the FC told me to put it down as holiday!  Why?  What had he got to do with it?  As long as he was ok with me being off on that day, which he was, although he didn’t even know why I was off and certainly wouldn’t be interested .. she decided to put it down as holiday.  Anyway my “compassionate” leave was only now up to 3 days and 3 hours (for my dad)!

Do you think this was fair of her?

I mean it was a parent that died, not the dog or my pot plant .. I haven’t taken the piss as I could have done (my ickle sis had 2 weeks) and I would much rather my dad was still here!

(oh .. and Accounts Lady’s husband is the funeral director who put Pig’s dad and mine away .. so she knows about death .. and both her parents died within weeks of each other .. so she’s been there!)

(oh .. and she only work 3 days a week .. BUT she get’s more holiday than the rest of us .. it’s complicated but it’s an acas thing and I sort of understand it .. and if she needs to swap a day for something .. she can)

I’m feeling a tad angry and confrontational today!

And the rest!

I had to fill in a form for a helicopter flight for the FC last week .. it included, among other personal details .. “weight” .. so I asked the FC “how much do you weigh?”  … his reply was “oh put down about 19 stone” .. his son, who is much smaller said he was around 15 stone, which is probably about right – however I do think there is a great deal more than 4 stone in difference between them!

So, if you hear of any helicopter crashes today .. it’s because the poor pilot was given duff information about the weight of his passengers and was unable to distribute the load equally .. ooh I hope he weighs them before they embark!


“Pig, could you stop acting like you are special”

“Babe, but I am special”

“No, special like the people at the college up the road!”