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Today I will be mainly slouching!

My top today has taken on some weird new life and refuses to sit as it should and I am sitting at my desk trying to make it fit properly and all can feel a roll of excess baggage around my waist .. might help if I sat up and didn’t slouch, but that is what my top has decreed I must do today!

Also, ice is my new best friend and I shall be sitting with a bag of it under my left thigh .. great .. wet trousers .. but if it keeps the pain of my horse-fly bite away .. one must suffer ..

Also the cat has to go the v.e.t. tonight .. I haven’t told him yet, but that’ll be 25 minutes with him protesting violently with a leg at each corner of the box whilst I try and ram him in!  Funny how he always climbs back in happily when we are leaving the v.e.t.’s!

Funny how Pig always lets ME take HIS cat to the vet .. there’s me Public Enemy No. 1 again!