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Foot & Mouth

As the FC is a fat pig and lives very near Elstead (2nd outbreak) .. does this mean he is likely to catch it?

Oooh that would be quite something!



What is that all about?

Total waste of time and effort and disgusting to boot!

Could the people who make sandwiches STOP filling them with sweetcorn!


Note: Cucumber is easier to pick out!

Indicators .. again!

As I’ve ranted before a lot of cars don’t seem to be sent out of the factory with indicators fitted as standard .. THEN there are those that have been, but people don’t know how to work them as happened last night (and this morning)!

Pig’s pub is on a narrow road by the village green.  At the top end cars park on both sides and make it impossible for two cars to pass.  As I was leaving last night I saw a mini coming towards me, so I pulled into the ample space at the entrance of the pub car park, leaving room for the car to get into the car park, or pass me.  It was indicating.  Into the car park.  So I waited.  Mini stopped.  Mini driver indicated to me to turn into the car park .. why?  I was waiting for her to turn in so I could carry on my way .. well SHE WAS INDICATING!

So I made a gesture .. basically what the fuck are you doing, you are indicating that you want to turn right .. so bloody do it!

“Oh sorry, I didn’t realise my indicator was still on”

Deaf, stupid and very blonde!