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I forgot my mobile phone this morning .. probably in the excitement of having a finger that was finally becoming near normal!

Then at work today, I finally got confirmation of my hotel booking for October (having sent about 35 faxes over the last 2 weeks saying PLEASE CONFIRM THIS BOOKING I NEED TO BOOK MY FLIGHTS BEFORE THE PRICES GO THROUGH THE ROOF!  Finally today they sent me about 36 faxes giving me a booking reference .. so I can go ahead and book the flights using the £50 voucher BMI gave us for the hassle last time .. now I can hear some of you say “why use the same airline?” .. well they gave us money back (albeit in voucher form .. otherwise I would be walking from their airline never to darken their doors again) and I’m not one to waste free money .. and the BA flight is at some godforsaken time in the morning, and I refuse to fly on Easyjet!

So I got on the phone .. dialled the number and then thought “must get my credit card out” .. horror of horrors I couldn’t see it in my purse .. bugger!  So I leapt into my car and shot off home (it was 1.00) .. halfway down the A3 it suddenly occured to me that .. “hmm I seem to remember my card was out of date and they sent me a new one .. and I cut the bright pink one up which is easy to spot .. and they sent me a sexy new black one which is sitting ..!”

Ho hum .. but at least I hadn’t lost it (only the plot)!

Anyway I got home .. and we are now onto another story! At the weekend, Mick the Useless Electrician came round to fit a new arial as certain TV channels had very little signal strength generally at peak viewing times when something I really really wanted to watch was on!  Useless and Pig went and got the new aerial (didn’t seem much different to the one we had but I’m not an expert) .. so they spent the next 6 hours up and down to the roof and shouting up the chimney at each other.  Eventually it was decided that the new aerial was no different so they would put the old one back and go to the pub!

We now have fewer channels than we had before!  I wouldn’t mind so much but the bloke next door fits TV aerials!

So there was no point in putting the TV on and having a cup of tea .. so I .. emptied and re-filled the dishwasher, emptied and re-filled the washing machine .. cleaned the work-surfaces, cleaned the hob, hoovered downstairs, stripped the bed ready for re-making this evening with lovely clean, sweet smelling, cool sheets! (luuuurrrvvely).

Wonder woman or what!? 

Then I came back to work (hanging my head) and had to explain that yes, I had found my credit card .. it was in my purse all the time!  Right must book my flights …

Finger Watch .. OMFG

My finger has not been getting any better .. in fact sometimes it has got worse, it’s been painful, purple and I can definitely feel it’s there .. it’s been 9 weeks since the “accident” happened.

 Then, this morning, I woke up and thought .. “hmmm there’s something different about this morning” .. examined my finger and .. WAIT FOR IT .. it is nearly .. nearly back to normal .. I can practically straighten it, and whilst it is still a bit deformed .. I think it might finally be “on the mend”.

Woooo hoooo!