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Aargh .. and a new

tyre .. bringing my bill to £80!!!!!

Which means of the £90 I earn this weekend .. I still need to find another £30!

Methinks car has conspiracy against me!

In one hand .. out the other!

I got asked earlier this week if I would do an extra shift in the pub on Friday night … great that’s an extra £30 I wouldn’t normally have had .. £90 for a weekend’s work!


The bill from the mechanic came in for fixing the oil leak on my car … £50 (but I can take £10 off coz I had to put diesel in his van when he serviced my car .. because the fucker always leaves me with zilch and I will not drive an unfamiliar car/van with no petrol in despite the fact that the owner says “there’s plenty”!) .. so bill down to £40 ..


Last night there was an ominous roar from the back of my car .. GREAT .. now I need a new exhaust .. that’s another £50!

So this weekend I am working on behalf of my CAR!

NOT a happy bunny!

Rear View Mirror .. or mirrors in general!

Having ranted about the possibility that some car manufacturers are not fitting indicators as standard, I feel I should now rant about the Rear View Mirror (or RVM) as some manufacturers are omitting to install these either.

I use my mirrors constantly, especially the RVM .. it’s a good way not to get crashed into by non-indicating persons in cars behind you, and also for spotting police cars advancing at speed from behind, and thereby aid my quick gettaway from the scene of whatever it is I may or may not have done! (Have I got a guilty conscience?)

When I learnt to drive .. some few years ago, I was taught that .. before doing something one must:

  1. mirror
  2. signal
  3. manouevre

Have the laws of the road changed and someone not told me?

Anyway to get to and from work, I have to travel for about 5 minutes on the A3 … notwithstanding the cars trying to get to the M25 without using their indicators, there are a number who are incapable of using ANY of the mirrors positioned in the car .. except for the handy little vanity mirror in the passenger visor.

Unfortunately the majority of the culprits are female and have smaller versions of themselves cluttering up the back seat.  I have on the odd occasion checked my make up and/or hair in the mirror, but generally whilst stationary.  I have never put on make up or brushed my hair using this mirror whilst driving!

This morning it was a van .. drifting halfway into the middle lane .. and then drifting back .. no indication as to what or why (apart from it was a gorilla sitting in the front seat).  Then there was one of this great country’s “ethnic friends” who just pulled out, not indicating and not looking to see what was coming .. with about 8 kids in the back .. much slamming of breaks from me!

I was talking to a friend once about the entrance exam to get into the police.  She said they had made it “so easy that the thickest [insert whatever word you wish to use] person could pass it!

Have they done this to the driving test?