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I wish I could speak ..


Last night, as most nights, he came into the house shouting – looks at Pig and me and shouts – what’s that all about?¬† We¬†looked at him and said “hello” .. but still he shouted.

He was in a foul mood last night – wanting to fight the world – well Pig mainly, closely followed by me – he sat on the windowcill switching his tail – he had the hump about something – just dunno what!

When he brings mice in, which he very cleverly takes into the bath because he knows they cannot escape and gives him more play time, that is until Pig catches them and disposes of them in the garden .. he strops about for about 10 minutes and then it’s all over, and he’s forgotten that dad is an evil mouse stealing person and loves him again .. but last night he stropped for 3 hours for no visible reason!

I can talk horse, I can talk dog .. but I bloody wish I could talk cat!