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and this may be re-posted at various times, with additions, as my list grows longer .. and to all those of you “men” out there .. for most of it read “Pig” .. *and if it applies to you, then consider yourself spanked*!

  • Can’t men change the toilet roll when it is finished?
  • Can’t men put their dirty washing in the dirty washing basket rather than on the floor?
  • Can’t men empty the bin, especially as some floors have under-tile heating and it makes the bin really stink?
  • Can’t men put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher?
  • Can’t men empty the washing up bowl so the water doesn’t go all yukky and horrible and make the bowl difficult to clean?
  • Can’t men rinse and squeeze out the cloth they have used to wipe surfaces so that it doesn’t go all yukky and horrible?

Happy Ending!

You won’t know .. coz I didn’t write anything yesterday, but we found a baby hedgehog at work .. sitting on the patio and looking incredibly sorry for itself .. and in fact it was having real trouble standing up.

So we watched it for a while on the CCTV camera and after about an hour decided that “something wasn’t right”, so I phoned Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead who said that Hedgehogs shouldn’t be out during the day and could we put it in a box and give it some water and possibly bring it to them?

So that is what we did.  Centre Manager put it in a box with a towel, with some water and we put it in our utility room until 5.00.  It was pathetic and looked half dead and neither of us held out much hope for it.  We checked on it throughout the afternoon and it was still lying in the corner making no attempt to move .. by 5.00 we expected it to be dead .. but no!  It had curled itself up in the towel we had put in the box.

So I took it into the rescue centre where they had a look at it and said it was a real baby (how old, I have no idea .. it was probably the size of a very large hamster or a small guinea-pig).

Anyway (I’m using that word a lot today) .. I’ve just phoned them and the little “hog” is fine and has been drinking and eating and is with some other baby hogs and will be released as soon as it is well enough!

This isn’t the hedgehog .. I would have taken a picture but it seemed a little unfair as it was in such a poorly condition, but here is a picture of a very very similar looking hedgehog..


Aah!  As my mother would say, all’s well that ends well!

PS: we called him Herman

What is this all about???

Now some of you may, or may not know, that I do the odd shift in a pub each week.

A few weeks ago, I made a laughing, joking comment to someone regarding the subject of children .. I can’t remember what it was, but along the vain that the one I’d got was more than enough .. for “child” read “Pig” .. anyway this geeky bloke, who’d been in for about an hour looking lonely and scribbling in a notebook, comes and stands at the bar and sort of engages me in conversation.  It was about his daughter who he doesn’t get to see type of thing .. all a bit intense .. and he does look kind of lonely so I chat about this and that with him .. Sunday night is hardly filled with wall-to-wall drinkers!

Anyway let me describe this geeky bloke (he’s since got the name as, last weekend, he was wearing some shorts that Daffyd would have been proud of) .. anyway … he’s very definitely ex-army (tall, athletic (skinny), shaved head) .. you know the type, been in bad places and then wants to tell you all about it .. but can’t because they are too post-traumatic-stressed about it .. it can also apply to many many members of the pub-going public .. “nope, I don’t want to know the ins and outs of your life .. I just asked how you are because I’m being polite!”

Anyway, this weekend a local Irishman was in, a very funny, dry and generous man.  He spots geeky guy and buys him a drink as, no doubt, he thinks he’s a lonely looking soul too!  So “geeky” comes round and they get into conversation .. I know it’s about Ireland .. but to be quite honest I’m not listening as I was talking to other people .. mainly those who had just come back from Manchester from watching the match and were in quite a good mood!

Anyway, a little later I go to the loo and spot a piece of paper where he had been sitting (and scribbling), earlier .. so being nosy I pick it up and take it with me .. might as well see what he is scribbling .. and here it is .  Now, what do you make of that?

When I showed the Irishman (geek had gone by now), he didn’t seem overly happy (and neither did the other person I sometimes work with who had been up to watch United!)

I’m not a bloody guinea-pig!

Getting Acquainted .. STOLEN!

Stolen from Hoverfrog  & Goron & Dom, who I think in turn stole it from Olivia!

1. What time did you get up this morning?

Which time are we talking about?  Finally I got up at 7.00 which is waaay too late, but hey ho!

2. Diamonds or pearls?

Depends on the occasion, sweetie, but generally diamonds.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

Ice Age 2 .. I’m a big kid

4. What’s your favourite TV show?

Don’t have one .. but I do like the two part Cold Case thingies and quite like CSI.

5. What did you have for breakfast?

Generally can’t eat until about 10, so today .. nothing, but will probably be a slice of toast.

6. What’s your favourite cuisine?


7. What foods do you dislike?

Baked Beans .. I would die if one, or any juice, passed my lips .. it would be horrible and grisly – in fact .. any type of bean of the non-stringy variety.   Cauliflower, Sprouts, Couscous (what is the point?), cucumber & sweetcorn.

8.  What is your favourite [crisp] flavour?

Pickled Onion Monster Munch.

9. What’s your favourite CD at the moment?

Currently I’m downloading off iTunes .. so it’s all a bit eclectic!

10. What kind of car do you drive?

Peugeot 106 .. my trusty, rusty and very expensive at the moment, steed!

11. Favourite sandwich?

Tuna mayonnaise – which has not been anywhere near sweetcorn or cucumber.  Preferably on nice ciabatta .. or freshly made white bread.

12. What characteristics do you despise?

Bitchiness, snobbery and cliquishness (is that a word? .. apparently spell-check thinks it is)

13.  Favourite item of clothing?

My M&S combats.

14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?

New Zealand .. dunno why .. just fancy it.

15. What colour is your bathroom(s)?

White with some weird turquoise thing going on .. when it is eventually replaced by Pig it will be a sandy coloured limestone floor and walls with white suite (I think).

16. Favourite brand of clothing?

Gap, Jigsaw … M&S Per Una do some quite nice stuff too!  I’m not a great shopper and if I can do it on-line, I will.

17. Where would you retire to: beach, or wooded retreat?

Both … 6 months in one place, 6 months in the other.

18. Favourite time of the day?

Lunchtime .. I’m a sucker for my sarnies!

19. What were your most memorable birthdays?

Don’t mention birthdays to me .. but I suppose my 24th .. I was in Hong Kong during a massive typhoon.

20. Where were you born?

Bed .. at home

21. Favourite sport to watch?

Rugby .. and Badminton .. the 3 day event horsey one .. not actual Badminton!

22. Who do you least expect to send this back to you?

Not sending it on as I pinched it!

23. Person you expect to send it back first?

Ditto 22.

24. What fabric detergent do you use?

Arial liquitabs & Comfort Softener .. the yellow one!

25. Were you named after anyone?

Nope .. no-one is called Cataclismical in our family, nor ever has been.

26. Do you wish on stars?


27. When did you last cry?

Probably watching Most Haunted .. crying with laughter at the absurdity of it.

28. Do you like your handwriting?

It’s ok .. I wish it was more arty though.

29. What is your most embarrassing flaw?

I am practically perfect in every way!

30. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?

Probably .. if I could choose who I could be!

31. Are you a daredevil?

Used to be.  Too many accidents have made me err on the side of caution these days in favour of self-preservation!

32. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?

It’s a secret .. I can’t tell you.

33.  Do looks matter?

First impressions dooo count, but usually the good looking ones are arseholes!

34. How do you release anger?

Smash things and stomp and scream!

35. Where is your second home?

I have 5 to choose from .. no I lie, mum has just sold one .. Swanage I guess.

36. What were your favourite toys as a child?

I had a trumpet I quite liked for 5 minutes .. until it was taken away from me!  I was deprived of things like Lego.  I liked my Pippa dolls .. except they weren’t Sindy and they weren’t a pony  which would have been my ultimate toy.

37. What class in high school do you think was totally useless?

Latin .. but I quite enjoyed it!

38. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

In what way?

39. Favourite movies?

Ice Age & Ice Age 2 .. all the Shreks .. Dirty Dancing, Beaches, The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

40. What are your nicknames?

The Darth One!  Which came from the fact that there were two Cataclismicals at the same job and we were defined by our hair .. blonde and dark .. hence Darth (or sometimes Daft)!

41. Would you bungee jump?

Read 31 .. but the answer would be no .. I’m petrified of heights.

42. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Nope .. only my boots and only undo the knot .. they then fall off!

43. Do you think that you are strong?

In what way?

44. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


45. What are your favourite colours?

Blue & Lilac

46. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?

Large brrrreasts!

47. Who do you miss the most?

My horse – whose registration number was EM93 if anyone spots him!

48. Do you want everyone you sent this to send it back?

Look, I keep telling you I didn’t send it on as I STOLE it!

49. What colour pants are you wearing?

I am assuming under wear .. now that would be telling!  Possibly the question should be “are you wearing any pants?”

50. What are you listening to right now?

My boss telling a really really boring story which he finds quite funny, but I don’t.

51. Last thing you ate?

Home made pizza .. but I could really go with some toast right now.

52. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?


53. Last person you talked to on the phone?

The lady at Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead about the Hedgehog we found at work.

54. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

Hair and shoes

55. Favourite Drink?

Whisky & diet coke.

56. Do you wear contacts?

I have perfect eyesight

57. Favourite Day of the Year?

Anything with a “Bank Holi” in it, or for that matter, any with a “holi” in it.

58. Scary Movies or Happy Endings?

Happy endings

59. Hugs OR Kisses?


60. What Is Your Favourite Dessert?

Don’t do pudding!  If I was forced to, strawberries & ice-cream

61. What Book(s) Are You Reading?

Re-reading Last Song of the Night Tram .. have just re-read The Deathly Hallows, because the first time I sped read it and missed whole chunks to get to the end!  Next book .. 5 Quarters of the Orange (Joanna Harris)

62. What’s On Your Mouse Pad?

My mouse!

63. What Did You Watch Last night on TV?

After cooking dinner and spending some time in the garden it was 9.00 so Most Haunted .. I have to have a daily laugh!

64. Favourite Smells?

Newly mown grass

65. Rolling Stones or Beatles?

I would have to say Beatles, but I’m not a great fan of either.