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Cool! (disclaimer .. it’s not!)

There’s a woman who works for one of our tenants who annoys, well to not beat about the bush, the fuck out of me.  I use the term “woman” loosely as I am pretty damn positive she was either a bloke and has had the operation, or she just likes laydeees .. anyway she is definitely a woman in comfortable shoes!  In fact, it’s the same woman I wrote about here.

She is as annoying as hell, and everyone I speak to about her pulls the same face – you know the one where you look as if you’ve eaten something other than apple when eating your apple!

She makes my hackles rise just by seeing her name on an e:mail in my inbox and I have been leaving her messages till last to read … sometimes I’ve left them weeks!  She can’t answer a question succinctly, she writes paragraphs and paragraphs where a simple “yes” or “no” is all I need.

To cut a very long, and possibly (read: definitely), very boring story short, she’s been on and on about a key to the rubbish bins – hers for some reason “stopped” working (eh ????) .. so today, as I had to go up the road for another matter, I thought, what the hell, I’ll take her the key that has been sat in my desk drawer for about a month and a half!

So, first I do the job that I had gone there to do and then went in to her office, “Hiya S, I’ve got your key for you” .. “thanks A, that’s great, really great, I don’t know why this one doesn’t work”.  So I say, “well, I’ve checked this one and it does work”, and then as I turn to go, and I am cringeing as I type this .. she says “cool”.

Please, please, please, *beats head furiously against desk* there is nothing vaguely or possibly “cool” about me giving out a rubbish store key!  Anyone can have one .. if my 2 readers send me £3.50 and a stamped self-addressed envelope they can have one too! *now possibly that would be cool*

Revenge! ??

I wrote a little while ago about compassionate leave and to my surprise I find today that Accounts Lady has taken her aunt to St George’s at Tooting and not filled in:

  1. A holiday form;
  2. The holiday chart; or
  3. The global diary!

I have fixed 3 .. but shall be watching with interest the amount of her remaining holiday in the relevant places!

Cue: *eery evil laughter*

Welsh Joke

Sorry, I couldn’t resist this .. simple as it is! 

Two tourists were driving through Wales. At Llanhyfryddawelllehynafolybaarcudprindanfygythiadtrienusyrhafnauole, they stopped for lunch and one tourist asked the waitress,

“Before we order, could you please settle an argument for us?

Would you please pronounce where we are … very slowly?”

wait for it ….

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