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By jove I’m glad

I had that bacon roll .. I’m doing mine and Pig’s finances which I haven’t done for 5 months (despite every time I do this I say to myself that I will not leave it so long again).

All I can say is it’s bloody complicated!

Need I say more?


The FC has been ..

in a picky mood today!

His first words when he came in the office were “I think I’ll have a cup of coffee, I rather overdid the wine last night” !!!???  No kidding .. you do that every day – so what made last night so different?

He then went on to shout that he wanted a copy of all the stuff he’d sent to someone so he could send it to someone else .. I could only find 3 bits of information and I was cacking myself that there was probably more and I didn’t know where I put it … to my relief the 3 bits were all he needed!

Anyway if I was doing one thing he wanted the other thing, and if I was doing that .. he wanted the first thing .. oh and another coffee (first floor), and could you just copy this (ground floor), and is my meeting room ready (first floor again) .. oh and another coffee!  SHOVE A BROOM UP MY ARSE AND I’LL SWEEP THE FLOOR TOO SHALL I?

He did something else really dumb .. but I have switched off and cannot remember what it was .. as soon as I do remember I will let you know!

Anyway he’s gone now .. not to re-appear until next Wednesday … *sigh* BLISS!

Sensible .. NOT!

Pig’s Little Brov has a motorbike which he doesn’t use because he cannot afford to insure it, so it is sitting, idle.

Pig used to be very good on a motorbike and was a local motocross champion and could have been a serious contender in the larger field as it were, but various accidents put paid to this.

Little Brov has offered this bike to Pig to “borrow” .. and so Pig is looking into insurance for a month, starting today, but his first real forray into riding the damn thing will be up to Chelsea on Friday .. stupid or what!??

He has suggested we go away for the weekend on it .. “it would be fun .. we’ll get there before we’ve left home!”

Fun for who?  Certainly, definitely NOT me!

Boring .. but!

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday .. at home  .. waiting for the gas man to come and change my meter.  I’d wanted a morning slot .. (really so I could have a lie-in on a Monday) .. but apparently they don’t book morning slots on a Monday nor do they book afternoon slots on a Friday – you have to have an “all day” slot .. which in truth means that you would possibly have to wait in from 8.00 am until 8.00 pm!!!

So I booked an afternoon slot on Monday which was apparently ok to do .. which was from 12.00 to 8.00 .. I left work early (and the FC was ok about it all .. for a change!) .. and got home spot on 12.  The boiler man arrived at about 1.30 .. he asked if I’d taken the day off work, so I told him that “no, I’d booked an afternoon slot and got home at 12” … his reply was “well it’s lucky I did my round the way I did as otherwise you would have missed me as I would have been here at 10” … er no .. I booked an afternoon slot???

So I could have been waiting all afternoon AND evening and he wouldn’t have turned up at all!  And guess what .. it would probably have been my fault .. not the stupid gas board.

Ho hum .. so anyway after he had been .. I went out!

He was a nice gas man though .. and he only told me off a bit about having no cover on the boiler .. which Pig has put somewhere very safe that he can’t remember where he put it and anyway we’re having a new boiler soon anyway!