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Good news and bad!

The good news is we think it is only the radiator that has a problem on my car, so fingers crossed Radwell will do its job and seal it .. failing that it’s a new radiator – but we’ll deal with that one.

The bad news is I feel like absolute shite!  I have the cough from hell, my throat is about 2mm wide and filled with razorblades and I am having difficulty talking (some may say that’s a good thing! 😀 ) .. I haven’t had a cold or “flu” for several years and this is knocking me for 6.  I think the absence of my twice daily blast of fresh air and exercise is to blame, coupled with the fact that there are 3 of us crammed into a fairly small office .. anyway, I’m feeling very sorry for myself.  I was in bed by 7.30 last night shivering and feeling rough, but managed to a have reasonable night’s sleep, despite some weird (and I mean really weird) dreams which included Google Reader for some reason – methinks I should read fewer blogs!

It didn’t help that I had no dinner, or that Pig came home in the early hours – he got 2 bollockings yesterday off the client – and bless, he can’t handle it!