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Yes, I am in work today, passing round my germs to everybody (I’m a caring sharing kind of gal) .. the only reason I am here though is because the FC would blow a gasket if I wasn’t as our Business Centre Manager is off on holiday.

I have just gone up and down the stairs twice (the lift is broken and I wouldn’t use it if it was working properly anyway as it is severely temperamental) and I have had to sit in Reception for a rest before coming back to my desk! (how pathetic is that??!)

I must say though that I shall be going home the minute the FC leaves the building .. if I last that long!

The last time I felt this rough I went through the lot and lost nearly a stone in weight!  Then I broke my hand, then I ended up with Pleurisy .. I do hope this isn’t going down that line!

Use by Date

Last night before I went to a very early bed I decided to try a Vicks inhallation.  So I got the necessary equipment and shoved my head over the pot … and breathed deeply .. it was wonderful feeling the fumes go through my bunged up sinuses.

I then thought I’d put a little on my nose, to see if that helped too.  It didn’t have the usual freezing cold feeling that Vicks normally has .. so I looked at the “best before/use by date” .. do you know what it said?

January ..

wait for it ..