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Wooohooo … someone I know was on ..

Eastenders last night!  There I was, contentedly scoffing my chilli (made by me – delish) and garlic bread (made by Pig, also delish) and scanning the newspaper with the TV on .. now I don’t avidly follow Eastenders, if it’s on I watch it, if I’m not there .. so what?

When .. all of a sudden .. I nearly choked!  “That’s Paul!!” (disguised as thug that is about to beat someone up .. well not so much of a disguise, but definitely thug-like).

He appeared on-screen about 4 times .. now I know he’s a stunt-man, and he’s worked on massive and major films, but it just threw me to see him on an everyday programme – certainly when I wasn’t expecting it!

well, it gave me a thrill anyway!

No need for you to get too excited though!