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Dum..deee.dum .. 11.30

Having coming in .. sorted some stuff .. I went to the building I am in charge of to find .. deep joy .. the front doors were not locked as they should be.    Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.

No Redcare monitoring .. and the fucking front doors won’t lock .. and I can’t do it manually!

So, I’m at work, at 11.30 at night .. and I’m waiting for a phone call.  I will be awake at 04.30 .. .. and do you know what, the FC will not appreciate this ONE.LITTLE.BIT .. all he’s worried about is he’s got a funeral to go to tomorrow .. “SORRY MATE, WHAT PART OF I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ARE YOU FINDING DIFFICULT !”

Sorry .. I was ironing earlier and my mum had given me a photo of my dad (and her) .. it was watching me and he begged me to tickle his nose .. so I did .. I’m sure he was pleased .. but as I always remember FC saying “WE’VE ALL HAD PARENTS DIE YOU KNOW!” .. sorry mate, this is your gardener’s funeral you are going to (not that I am sorry that Tony died .. just … er, hello?? you are allowed to be upset and grieve, but I am not!??)

Sorry, that’s all disjointed but I know what I mean .. he’s allowed to feel pain, be ill, be we, mere mortals, are not!

Bloody Late! … 10:45 pm

and I’m in work!!!!!!!!!

Some twats decided to nick the BT cable (broadband etc) in our area .. some are therefore without internet, telephone and more importantly alarm monitoring .. FC has thrown his toys out of his pram because they keep phoning him .. so I have had to come into work to sort it out .. it’s 10.45!!!!!!

Having taking his name off the list, I now have to go to an empty building and check it .. but first I have to alarm the building I’m in and get out of it .. penalty .. £500!!! 

Deep deep joy!

(I told the FC to turn his phone off to avoid hourly calls .. apparently he is tooooo important for that) .. well c u next tuesday mate!

I give up!!

I’m trying to explain to the FC the way Ebay works – he just doesn’t get it!  He asked me to look for a leaf blower and I found about 3 of what he wanted .. one in particular he liked the look of ..

FC: “What shop is it selling the item?”

Me: “It’s not a shop, it’s a private seller”

FC: “Well phone them up and ask them about it”

Me: “It doesn’t work like that, I have already e:mailed the seller about the item asking the questions you want answered.  They have  100% positive feedback and appear to sell items such as you want all the time – so that’s good!”

FC: “Well when will they come back to me?”

Me: “When they are at their computer??”

FC: “Well, when will that be?”

Me:  *mutters* “wtf??” *thinks to self “twat”*

FC:  “Where are they based?

Me: “Hampshire”

FC: “I could go and collect it and save the £20 postage”

Me: “Yes you could”

FC: “Then I could see it working and if it wasn’t any good I needn’t buy it”

Me:  “Ebay doesn’t work like that, you bid and if you win you are contracted to buy, although no doubt if you were in front of the person and it didn’t work then you could sort it out face-to-face rather than through Ebay.  *sighs* Surely if you are that worried about it not working, it would be better to buy a new one and have all the guarantees and warranties?”


Update: Wooohooo … someone I know was on ..

well, he burst into the pub first and was the menacing thug “behind” Joss in the cellar scene.  Unfortunately, knowing the bloke, he just looked like Paul, who is neither menacing, nor a thug, so it didn’t really do it for me!


I did find out that he died 14 times in one Bond movie (one which starts, or certainly features, an assault on the Rock of Gibraltar ?? .. I can’t remember which), but he’s also been in all the ones since that one.  He also died 3 times in an Indiana Jones film and apparently he managed a few grunts in Titanic  .. I said he’d been in “big” films

To Soupy .. sorry, Bradley’s on honeymoon at the moment apparently, so no, he won’t have met him!


I was watching a certain hospital soap last night .. along with trying to do a monstrously difficult Sudoku .. I am sadly hooked (on Sudoku, not hospital soap) .. when I heard groaning.  So I looked up .. it wasn’t coming from the telly!  I shouted upstairs from whence the moaning was coming ..

“I’ve smacked myself in the balls” ..


“I’ve smacked myself in the balls”

.. HOW????

.. “you’re not being being very sympathetic”


.. I was playing with Cat from under the duvet, he went for me, I pulled pack and .. wham ..”


“god you are so unsympathetic!”

I’m sorry, exactly what was I supposed to do or say?

and NO, I was not going to offer to rub them better, he’d already pissed me of big style!