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What I did say ..

Accounts Lady

Re: Christmas Meal

I did say when you mentioned the 20th that I might not be able to go, I have now been told that the Christmas “do” I had agreed to go to with the yard is on that night (I was just waiting for confirmation of the date) – and I’ve paid for it already.


(Short & sweet, but .. get out of that!)

What I want to send …

Dear Accounts Lady

Re: Office Christmas Party Funfest Enforced Night Out Where One Must Enjoy Ones-self Meal

When you mentioned the 20th for the Christmas “do”, I did say that I might not be able to go as I was awaiting confirmation of the date for an event which I have already paid for.  It appears that I do (praise be the lord) indeed have something far better to do that night.  Even the thought of fleecing the FC for copious amounts of booze does not do it for me.  He has seriously fucked me off in the past few weeks, so I will not be with you on that night. (THE NIGHT YOU WANTED – NOT THE REST OF US!)

Also, if I attend my alternative night-out, I will not incur further abuse or humiliation at the hands of he who must be obeyed, AND I will not be able to tell the fat fucker exactly what I think of him, which is highly likely!  So there may be slightly more likelihood of me still have a job in the New Year (not that I’m not looking for a new one mind!)

I hope the rest of you have a really good time.  I’ll be thinking of you!  NOT!

Cat x

Question: If you aren’t going to a wedding ..

because Pig WON’T because he doesn’t like the girl, but it’s one of his best friends who he’s known for ever .. do you buy a present from the hugely expensive wedding list they have provided?

Answers please?!!

I think I’m within my rights ..

to not want someone looking after the cat, watching porn on my dvd player and jacking off on my sofa?

I cannot stand the bloke at the best of times, but when the Pig and I went away overnight and this bloke stayed (although I’m not convinced he did as Cat is being very clingy) .. I hid the remote control for the dvd player.

Or is that unreasonable?