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Nephew: Good News .. bad news day!

The good news Nephew, is that today is your 8th Birthday.

The bad news Nephew, is that you will be getting nothing out of me!  The fact that you are vile and have been telling and e:mailing people with what you want for Birthday and Christmas since January are the two main reasons.

The third reason is that you are soooo spoilt, you have everything anyway and your mother is having to have more cupboards built to hold the crap you already have, so why add to the million and one toys you don’t already play with ..

oh, and I’ve just thought of a fourth reason – when you are given something, you don’t have the manners to write a “Thank You” letter which in my opinion is probably the rudest thing you could do!

So, for your birthday, I’ve given you this blog post, which you won’t know about!

Happy Birthday Nephew!

I’ve got a note and everything!

RIP: Vic

but every time someone dies Pig, ISN’T an excuse to go out and get pissed, (especially as you have known this was coming for 6 weeks and didn’t go and see him once), come home late and wake me up .. and then in the morning say “where’s my van, didn’t I drive home, can you take me to the station?” at 5.30 am!