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Bad hair day!

Having had a good old laugh at the second picture down on this blog courtesy of the wonderful PJB, it reminded me of a picture sent to me of a friend’s little boy, which also had me in a similar state of rolling on the floorness.

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All is quiet ..

from Accounts Lady since my e:mail regarding the Christmas “do”!  Hmmmm

How fair is this?

Surely relationships should be a two-way street.

This morning, I took Pig to get his van at 5.15 am .. when I got home there was no real point going back to bed, so I ..

  • put the washing on
  • put the washing from last night in the tumble dryer
  • sorted the washing I took out of the tumble dryer
  • emptied and re-filled the dishwasher
  • cleaned the hob, sink and work surfaces
  • hoovered
  • dusted
  • tidied some stuff away into boxes and had a general clear up and clear out
  • had a shower
  • went to work ….

Pig reckons he will be home early today and his intention is to laze in the bath this afternoon .. I meanwhile have to take the cat somewhere to have some person stick a needle in him to vaccinate him from nasty lurgies (I am unsure of Cat’s reading abilities so have had to code this).

I have to be there at 5:30 .. I leave work at 5:00 .. I will be lucky if I make it on time, especially as Pig will not have crated up the cat for me, so I will have that little pleasure too – that is if I can find the bugger, as he seems to be spending a lot of time under the floorboards at the moment!

I asked Pig if he could do it .. his answer was no, as it’s my cat – only when Cat has to go somewhere does he become my cat, the rest of the time it’s his cat!

No doubt when I get home I’ll have to cook the dinner too … well I’ve got news for him!

Bloody men!