How fair is this?

Surely relationships should be a two-way street.

This morning, I took Pig to get his van at 5.15 am .. when I got home there was no real point going back to bed, so I ..

  • put the washing on
  • put the washing from last night in the tumble dryer
  • sorted the washing I took out of the tumble dryer
  • emptied and re-filled the dishwasher
  • cleaned the hob, sink and work surfaces
  • hoovered
  • dusted
  • tidied some stuff away into boxes and had a general clear up and clear out
  • had a shower
  • went to work ….

Pig reckons he will be home early today and his intention is to laze in the bath this afternoon .. I meanwhile have to take the cat somewhere to have some person stick a needle in him to vaccinate him from nasty lurgies (I am unsure of Cat’s reading abilities so have had to code this).

I have to be there at 5:30 .. I leave work at 5:00 .. I will be lucky if I make it on time, especially as Pig will not have crated up the cat for me, so I will have that little pleasure too – that is if I can find the bugger, as he seems to be spending a lot of time under the floorboards at the moment!

I asked Pig if he could do it .. his answer was no, as it’s my cat – only when Cat has to go somewhere does he become my cat, the rest of the time it’s his cat!

No doubt when I get home I’ll have to cook the dinner too … well I’ve got news for him!

Bloody men!

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  1. pinkjellybaby on

    gah. i wouldn’t put up with that… The Boy does most of our washing up etc!

  2. Dom on

    Some of us our house trained. I’m positively anal these days. The longer you let it continue like this the harder it’ll be to change.

  3. Dom on

    hmmm – *are*, not *our* – bad day :/

  4. blue soup on

    The cat will be too busy watching porn to read your blog…

    You could try throwing the dinner at him…

    (and I can’t imagine you cleaning. I have only seen one photo of you and I just can’t imagine you cleaning. You are way too sparky for boring household things like that. You drink wine all day and have a dirty laugh. That is what I think anyway). xx

  5. hoverfrog on

    Cats belong to women, dogs belong to men. I’m afraid it is the law and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Unlike Soupus I can imagine you cleaning. Well wearing rubber gloves (and a ball gown) while lounging on a fouton, drinking wine from a tall glass. All the while being wafted by ridiculously large feathers carried by small large sumo wrestlers.

    Yes, I expect that you do have a dirty laugh.

    And so the inspiration for my next blog post arrives.

  6. Who am I? « The Magnificent Frog on

    […] live in the land of blog form ideas about our fellows.  Sweet Blue Soup suggested that Curious Cataclismical is…well why not read her own words: I have only seen one photo of you and I just can’t […]

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