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I’m not laughing toooo much!

but does this make me a bad person?

The FC has phoned from South Africa (on the Garden Coast .. small hint in the word “garden” .. green = mucho rain) where he has been this week.

  1. It has rained the entire time he has been there *sneaky 🙂 *
  2. The airport he needs to fly out of on Sunday is closed due to the amount of rain that they have had *sneaky 🙂 *
  3. He may not make it back for Monday *broad and unsneaky* 😀

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap!  How much more unlucky can he be this week??

Christmas Presents for 77 year olds!

Help, I completely, totally, do not know what to get my mother for Christmas … she doesn’t need much and anything she does need, she buys .. anyone with any inspired ideas out there for something useful?