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Pros and Cons

I am trying to work out whether or not to stay where I am, or move jobs .. as you’ve probably read, my boss is a complete wanker!

  1. It’s 10 minutes from home
  2. I get paid bloody well (including danger money – other people would work for him, but would only last about a week – it’s been proved!)
  3. I don’t really have much to do

Last night as I was working in the pub, one of the guys I know reasonably well comes up to me for a chat.  I haven’t seen for a while as generally he doesn’t drink in there on a Sunday, but he is double loaded (with a lovely wife and kids I might add, so nothing going on there 🙂 ).  He asked me very genuinely how I was, as he hadn’t seen me for so long.

I told him I was fine, I had had the nasty coldy thing that was going round, but was much better now and that things in my life were going to be changing soon as I would be starting to look for a new job in the New Year as I really couldn’t stand the one I had .. so he asked me what I did, what I could do and “do you mind me asking how much you earn?” .. So I told him, with the added, “but after a hopeful payrise it would be slightly more” .. so he said …

wait for it ..

.. “drop your CV into the pub for me to pick up later in the week” .. that he couldn’t be certain, but his company may have something for me!!!

The only problem is, it’s in Wandsworth .. so I’m debating now whether:

  1. I want to travel that far to work, either by car or train; and
  2. Whether it is a good idea to work for someone I know reasonably well and would potentially see when working in the pub;

I could shoot myself in both feet!