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Well bugger me!

I’ve just broached the subject of a funeral I need to go to on Friday and wanting the afternoon off .. and guess what (I nearly fell off my chair) .. he said “yes, of course, you’ve got to go to a funeral” ????!!!!

I’ve just snapped ..

at Business Centre Manager .. she’s been really pissing me off .. but currently she is licking the FC’s arse shoes arse and it is making me feel physically sick.  She is creeping and fawing all over him!

So she stood in front of him and me and played the “dumb blonde” .. so I snapped back at her with “I already told you that” .. she made a quick exit!

Do you know what? I DON’T CARE!

I’m fed up with pussyfooting around people and not saying what I want to, when I want to, because I’m too afraid of them hating me or upsetting them – they don’t seem to care when they do it to me!

Protected: Even on holiday he looks miserable!

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I had thought …

I might change my mind on going to the Christmas “do” having had a very pleasant lunch on Friday with the other 2 Directors, and what with “he who must be obeyed” being out of the office for a week … but the Fucking Cunt has been back in the office for approximately 30 minutes .. and I am very definitely not going and will be phoning Pig in a minute to see if we can cope financially if I walk out today.

The answer to that is, yes we can, it just means NO luxuries.

But do I have the guts to actually do it?? (I don’t think so)