The bar manager is on holiday right now, so last night I was working with the landlord, who had to remain relatively sober and downstairs till close of play, rather than pouring himself upstairs at around 8 pm.  The landlord is a good guy with a huge heart, but he does love to beat up on his bar staff, especially those who have been there a while and can take it!  Staff that are too sensitive don’t last long!

He is a real East End bloke and he knows some very colourful people, he is also larger than life and likes to be the life and soul of the party.  It’s always been said that in LittlePub you can get a drink, a meal, your car serviced or a contract taken out on someone .. it’s very very true!  Last night he had a jokey pop at me about 10 minutes into the shift .. Me: “Hmm M, 7 till 7:10, do you think that could possibly be the world’s shortest shift?”

When I use the words  “working with” what I really mean is I worked and the landlord didn’t!  It was quite busy last night early on, and I was managing to juggle serving at least three different sets of customers at one time and remembering to take their money (except for one, but he owned up to it), and sort the restaurant drinks and card payments out.  At the same time I was getting abuse from the landlord who added to my burden by buying everyone drinks and was telling me off for being slow!!!  He could easily have done the drinks himself!

His name for me is “Fucking Happy!” … generally because I am not a “smiley” sort of person!   However I got him good and proper one time as when I started work he said “uh oh, here comes Fucking Happy, better get her a drink and cheer her up” .. Me: “for your information M .. I’ve just been told my grandmother died, I think that’s a reason enough to be unhappy” .. I’ve never seen anyone move so fast after me as I shot out the pub in tears!

Anywho, last night as we I finished up and he I was locking up and trying to get the last stragglers out .. he called me to one side.

“Cat, I think you’ve done the right thing leaving Pig, I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time. I am really pleased for you.  Well done!”

Fair made my night!


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