I’ve been a little quiet, mainly because there hasn’t really been anything I wanted to say!

However either tomorrow or on Thursday my financial obligations with Pig will be over and I’m feeling a bit numb and to be truthful a bit weepy.

He wasn’t a bad bloke really, just hell to live with.

Obviously the money in the bank is a good thing and I can get on with my life, but the thought of trying to fit as much of my stuff into my small room at mum’s (she will sooo complain if it spreads to the rest of the house) is daunting!  Also trying to fit what’s left into my car is a tad daunting too ..

I’ve been mentally clearing my stuff for weeks, I should have done it a bit at a time over the last few when I’ve been to collect post and see the cat, but I just put it off .. I suppose the final push is the hardest!

I really want to take the cat with me, he’s mine, he was given to me by friends, he misses me – a point proved on Friday that he gets little or no affection from Pig – when he soaked me in dribble and was practically trying to climb down the front of my top.  However, Pig has always said the cat would stay with him if anything ever happened and I didn’t disagree, would it be wrong of me that the last box I take is the cat box (full)?

I just don’t know!


5 comments so far

  1. Perpetual on

    Take the cat.

  2. Dom on

    Collecting the stuff I didn’t find too hard. There were things to move, cars to load and it kept me busy. It was when I finally had everything moved and it was sat there in a pile that it really got me. I just say in amongst all the boxed and crap and cried 😦

    It is a very good time to have a clear out though. I threw away so much stuff it wasn’t even funny. It’s the first day of the rest of your life. Start with a clean slate and minimal baggage 😀

    Oh, and if the cat’s yours then take the cat.


  3. pinkjellybaby on

    Yep, take the cat x

  4. Breeza on

    Take the cat.

  5. Sylindria on

    *hug* take the cat honey, at the end of the day he’s yours… Cats decide their owners even more than dogs do – from the sound of things he’s about ready to vote with his paws anyhow.

    I agree with Dom – moving out is the best way to clear everything in your own head…and it does help you move on (no puns intended).

    but *hug*

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