The Admirer and I got invited to a bar-b-q at his boss’s (punctuation problem with that one .. never could get where the “apostrophe” goes, but you know what I mean) house last night.  The fact that he thinks his boss is a tosser is neither here nor there .. free food and wine, is free food and wine and seeing as after last week’s very expensive one, every little helps.

After the worst night ever of the other week I was not looking forward to it, although the Boss has always been very friendly when we’ve met on 2 previous occasions!  I opted to drive – as making a twat of myself in front of his boss was not, I felt, a good idea!  I wasn’t told that 1) Boss would have picked us up; or 2) Boss’s son would have dropped us home .. but hey, ho, I don’t really do very well on wine, so it was probably best in the long run (and I don’t have a hangover today – unlike some)!

There were several saving graces to the evening ..

  1. The food was excellent
  2. There was an 11 week old puppy (imagine Andrex!)
  3. The weather was kind
  4. The company was very good and very interesting
  5. There was little no golf talk, apart from who The Admirer could take to Trevose to play in a week long tournament there .. (yaay a week to myself  – *bad bad person that I am*)

HOWEVER (how come there is always a “however”)!

I had to drive The Admirer’s car home at 2.00 am.  In the dark (obviously given it was 2.00 am).  I drive it about once every 6 weeks and I can’t throw it round like my car – otherwise I would end up killing us.  (I’ve got a 1.1 Peugeot .. his is a rather large and powerful Lexus somethingorother).

I was a wee bit tired.

I was also fed up with, that towards the end of the evening, the conversation kept going back to a subject they had discussed ALL evening, mainly the mental state of a friend of theirs who had gone to “live the dream” in France and that the boss should go and see him and talk to him and try and get him to come home (potted version of the story is that bloke and wife buy dream house with accompanying gittes, pool, grounds .. husband lives “on site” and panders to, apparently, vile guests whilst the wife continues her 6 figure salaried job in England – hardly living the dream!  The husband’s mental state is precarious to say the least.)  The boss is in 2 minds as to whether it is a good idea and that when it is his time to leave it might tip the husband over the edge .. fair point .. BUT to go and show solidarity and friendship surely would help him too – if nothing more than to know that he has friends he can turn to and come home to!

Anyway it was pissedly discussed to death all evening and frankly got a little boring with the excuses made as to why the boss shouldn’t go, and the other guests as to why he should .. anyway it’s up to him and maybe should be discussed in a more sober moment!


The son (18) but a good laugh all the same (and had kindly offered to go over to France and stay with mental husband, or help do his father’s job whilst he went), started to bicker and wind his mother up and she became more and more, how can I say it politely, like a fishwife!  It was not pleasant to watch and made me – THE SOBER ONE, extremely uncomfortable.  So I kicked The Admirer on the shins and told him we were going .. “why are you so stressy babe?” .. “aaaargh!”

Tonight my best friend and her other half (oh she of the pathetic guard dog) are coming over for dinner .. so I should stop blogging and try and clean up a bit!

Ok, so I’ve got a life now, and tonight is something of a first, as Pig would never have had friends (especially mine) round for dinner .. and The Admirer suggested it too and is cooking .. things are looking up, despite the fact that all I seem to write about are the negatives.  I fully expect a hangover tomorrow!

We did have long talks last night when we got home – which involved getting to bed at 4.00 am – (about if we had got it on 10 years ago, where we might be now yada yada yada).  The story of “how we met” was related to one and all over dinner .. I have to keep that in my head and see it as a positive – he hung on in there for 10 years hoping that we would get together one day .. that must say something?  Surely “now he’s got me” he doesn’t want to lose me – hence the over-clingyness?  I don’t know, but some of you out there might have an idea on it .. all comments gratefully received.  There is some other stuff, but I need to get it straight in my head before I post it .. this was (supposed to be) just a quickie, but like Topsy, it just growed and growed!

PS: Aww. He’s such a sweet drunk pissed person which is a massive relief after Pig’s nastiness!  I just hope he managed to get into his car ok this morning, seeing as I parked it in the stinging nettles last night (and have the stings to prove it)!


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