Good day .. bad day ..

I stayed at Icklesis’s last night .. I was pooped .. and managed to spend most of the evening and night asleep – probably eased the pain of staying there in the first place!

I popped into the pub today to put some money into Alfie’s collection .. my best friend came in and totally ignored me!  Her loss, she now has no-one to look after her animals when she goes away.  She still owes me money and unless she pays me I shall take her to court .. she denies she does, but I have the receipts and bank records to prove it!

Those that knew Alfie had a “memorial” down at the brick pit.  The mums and dads were in the pub and it was very solemn.  I am a little pissed that my “landlady” said, “why don’t they get over it?” .. err he was a nice and popular lad and it was a very sad, shocking and tragic accident .. these people need to grieve.  He was 15.  Most of these kids have never known death, they needed to come together to show solidarity, compassion and prove that they could care – it wasn’t a “let’s get pissed” event ..

His friends have put a couple of things on YouTube .. if you want the link, let me know, I don’t feel I can put it here ..

Cat xx

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  1. Breeza on

    Wow, that is so awful. I’m sorry about your “bff” and your loss.

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