Fecking bad day ..

I had a migraine on Thursday … it started on Wednesday, but I didn’t take note of the signs and took the tablets too late.  I text “the boss”, phoned the agency, and rang reception yesterday .. I spent most of the day asleep.

I got into work today to find a series of e:mails .. I’d been asked to arrange a meeting!  I’d been given a list of people to attend, they had all replied that, despite the fact it wasn’t the best day of the week, they could attend .. so I set up the meeting on Outlook.

The e:mails I saw this morning between 2 of the people (one of them my “supposed” boss) were derogatory to say the least.  When I said “terribly sorry old boy” .. the messages had been deleted!  I e:mailed the agency person and said “I’m not stupid, have been professional in everything I’ve done” and this is the email I sent ..

Dear xx

Having been off sick yesterday with a migraine, I have come into work today to find a series of e:mails, which quite frankly I find abusive – regarding a meeting which I was asked to set up from a list of people I was given to ask to attend.  I am pretty certain I was not supposed to see these e:mails (as they are gone from the inbox/outbox etc)!
I am not stupid, I did as I was asked!  In a temporary role it is easy to make mistakes and I have been very careful in what I have done.  I feel these e:mails have undermined my confidence in my ability to do the role expected.

I therefore am giving you notice on this assignment with immediate effect .. please feel free to call me to discuss the matter on xxx as I am actually pretty hurt by the comments made!

So, there you go .. life is a shitter sometimes .. however having said that .. my matron has been on the phone to me most of today and continues to make me laugh like a drain!  A second friend also rang to give me their support .. so in all, it’s not that bad!

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