Hmm ..

It’s been a weird few days .. and I’ve been very bad, but am not going into it here – nothing illegal, just something that isn’t sitting too well with me.  Sensitive bunny that I am!

Turns out walking out of the job on Friday was probably was the best thing I could have done!  I have another job starting Monday (not great as I am moving on Sunday .. but hey ho!).  Apparently the job came in and the agency put me straight forward for it.  It’s only 2 weeks, but it’s somewhere different and I’m hoping I get free gym membership out of it!  I was enjoying the previous job, but I am professional about what I do .. and they weren’t!  This week is busy with dentist and gastro guy and stuff, so I’m quite relieved to have the time and space to myself.  Yesterday, my tarty mate had minor eye surgery .. he, all manly, “yeah, I’ll be able to drive” .. me, “err I will come and pick you up” .. him “no, no, I’ll be fine” .. me .. “no” .. turns out he wasn’t bloody fine .. when I picked him up!  He drove home from the hospital where he works (the op was at a sister hopsital), but the home drive was an easy one and I followed him, in case of problems.  We then had chinese takeaway, copious amounts of wine and his neighbour round – he wanted me to have a woman-to-woman talk with her .. I told him I couldn’t look after myself .. let alone advise someone else!  It was a really nice evening .. and he is very sweet .  I had bought him a mug for his birthday .. he said, in front of neighbour, it was the best present he’d ever got .. because I’d put thought into it .. well, yes, I did, but I saw it and thought of him (his favourite expression is Just Fucking Do It (or JFDI) .. this mug is Shut Up and Deal With It (it was only a mug)!  I then asked him if he knew when my birthday was .. his reply was that it was in his diary .. and got it right without even looking .. my previous boyfriends, never knew the date, they were always days or months out!!!!  Neighbour said he spoke very highly of me.  I don’t know whether he invited her round to “check me out” or what, but I think I passed the test .. another new friend too!!!
We had the chat .. he’s adamant he’s a confirmed batchelor .. I am adamant I will go to my grave “spinster of this parish” .. so at least we are agreed on things .. that friends (very good friends) is good.  He’s a tart, but we both know that!  This morning (I slept in the spare room before anyone starts!) .. he asked me whether his eyes were swollen .. the answer was a definite yes, but I sorted him out with some cold eye patches which I’d frozen last night .. why are men soooo bloody stubborn??? (and why am I such a twat .. lol).  I am much happier in myself, with my life etc etc .. I like it that I get “good morning” texts .. I like it that I get emails from people .. because I really have found out who my friends “aren’t” are .. I’m not pushing anything with anyone or anything .. I need to get myself totally sorted before I go further down that route .. that day is not far off!
So .. Monday .. new home, new job .. new lodger .. time to start loving ME properly (not you, me loving me).
In other news (before you all one of you fall asleep) .. lunch with mum on Saturday .. lunch with family on Sunday .. and for once no-one threw food .. and I cuddled a snake! lol

Oh, and this is crap .. but there you go!

Cat xx

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