Where to start!??

Not blogged in ages, but things have been soooo manic, I’ve been unable to stay awake long enough to be able to.

It started with a job .. a job I was offered on Boxing Day last year (2010) .. a job I turned down because I had been soo unwell.  Eventually, after much pushing, cajolling and down-right bollocking .. I took it!  It was only for one day a week, but hey, one day is better than no days!

Major stress!!!  It’s at a local hospital, working in the main Theatres (cue sick people, needles, blood and very unpleasant smells (on occasions) .. I’ve taken to it like a duck to water!  As people come in in “mufty”, change into “blues” and then put a hat on to work in theatre, it was like learning 60 people 3 times!  So I also Theatre Aide (which is basically pushing people around, lifting, carrying, running errands) in order that I could get to know people quicker – it’s paid off, and I love it!!  Sometimes the smell of poo and wee and burning flesh is over-whelming but I am getting used to it.  My boss, who I met randomly and spent the early part of this evening texting me on fashion advice (me???), has spent the last 1.5 hours on the phone discussing job re-directions for me (I have an interview with the local police force next week for a Call Centre Agent – 999 – 6 frigging hours filling in an application form .. I have to go for it!)  He’s putting me forward for a HCA training tomorrow (Health Care Assistant) which means as Receptionist, Theatre Aide, In-Theatre Aide and HCA’ing .. makes me indispensible .. as on “bank” I could be “disposed” of quite easily.  He told me earlier though that the permanent job (with the police) was safer .. and then spent this evening telling me to stick with the hospital .. confuseddotcom!!!  (I hate the reception job .. and several people are going to get their heads kicked in if they continue to pester me whilst I am trying to run off and circulate operating lists .. I tend to get a migraine around 3.00 pm).

All-in-all I am happier with myself then I have been in a long time and realise that the ex was toxic (giving relationship advice also applies to my boss .. or “Sir” as we all call him).  It’s nice to be part of a big happy(ish) family and to look forward to going to work, rather than dreading it – we have a laugh daily!  I’ve seen (and smelt) some sights that I’d rather not, but I appear to be taking it all rather well!


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