Doesn’t time fly??!!

It’s been ages. 

LIFE.IS.GOOD! (broke, but good).

Work continues to go well and I am eating small meals regularly – despite the fact that I don’t feel hungry.  I had 2 weeks of being very ill (to the point I considered NOT going on holiday) and frightened several fairly eminent personages to death to the point they nearly had me in A&E  .. but I am now eating healthily and generally being a bit sensible and things seem to be going well on the health front – apparently I can’t mix anti-biotics and prozac!

I had a wonderful holiday, which seems years ago, but was only a week ago.

I am totally over the toxic-ex (I will blog about it .. but am tired now, so it will just come out crap).

Hope all is well in the land of blogdom .. it is in the world of Cataclismical!.


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  1. tenderhooligan on

    Really pleased to read this! Good to see you! xx

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