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I’ve been a little quiet, mainly because there hasn’t really been anything I wanted to say!

However either tomorrow or on Thursday my financial obligations with Pig will be over and I’m feeling a bit numb and to be truthful a bit weepy.

He wasn’t a bad bloke really, just hell to live with.

Obviously the money in the bank is a good thing and I can get on with my life, but the thought of trying to fit as much of my stuff into my small room at mum’s (she will sooo complain if it spreads to the rest of the house) is daunting!  Also trying to fit what’s left into my car is a tad daunting too ..

I’ve been mentally clearing my stuff for weeks, I should have done it a bit at a time over the last few when I’ve been to collect post and see the cat, but I just put it off .. I suppose the final push is the hardest!

I really want to take the cat with me, he’s mine, he was given to me by friends, he misses me – a point proved on Friday that he gets little or no affection from Pig – when he soaked me in dribble and was practically trying to climb down the front of my top.  However, Pig has always said the cat would stay with him if anything ever happened and I didn’t disagree, would it be wrong of me that the last box I take is the cat box (full)?

I just don’t know!



I’ve already posted about the emotional side of things and meant to add this ..

last night at “home” was weird .. it didn’t feel like home and I didn’t want to be there with “him” it all felt alien.  Please don’t ask where I wanted to be, because I don’t know .. just not there .. and cat was being lovely to me .. he’s never lovely to me!

Totally screwed right now!

Effing Cat!

I got home from the Chrizmaz do last night (apologies .. still pizzed) … I needed a pee .. badly!  Cat came with me .. blezz .. he got in the bath and started lepping aroudn .. I lifted the mat and the largest motherfuckin’ mouse was under it.  Pig rescude me and it .. this moaming when I went to have a shower there was a mouse’s head … and loadsa blood .. din’t look sooo good .. suppose it could have bin worser though .. could have been a horse’s head in teh bed nxet to me!

From Cat’s point of view!


 Hello All

I thought I would tell you what Evil Mother did to me last night, as no doubt her version of events would not be the truth!

I was sitting with the Useless One last night, he was in the big water bowl where I take my mice.  How inconsiderate is that?  What if I’d brought a mouse back to play with?  I had to stay with him though in case he drowned – I don’t know why he spends hours in there, wet sucks!  I doubt I would have been much help if he had drowned, but at least I was there for him.

Anyway I always go and meet Evil Mother when her car arrives, but it was a bit wet outside so I sat on the warm floor in the kitchen and waited for her to greet me.  God knows where she goes all day, but she never seems to happy when she comes home she is always muttering something about the Fat Controller.

Evil Mother says hello and goes off, I stay where I am.  BAD MOVE!  I should have followed her!

She comes back, picks me up (which I don’t like as she always gets the ticklish spot, and also, if the truth be known, I’m a tad scared of heights), and there in front of the TV on the floor is the bloomin’ prison box thingy – where did that come from?

Evil Mother then shoves me into the prison box headfirst and locks the door, I did try to fight, but I’ve realised now that when the prison box is around, Evil Mother means business, Useless One on the other hand is a bit of a soft touch and lets me go when I scratch and bite him!

She straps me in my box into the car.  I try telling her that I’m not happy about the situation, that it’s cold and wet and that I would really rather stay at home and maybe have something to eat, and then maybe sit on the Useless One and have a bit of a snooze .. oh .. AND HELLO?  I DON’T WANT TO BE GOING WHEREVER YOU ARE TAKING ME!  But she wouldn’t listen, or more to the point, wouldn’t understand.

After hours and hours of bumping round in the box she takes me into the V.E.T.’s.  She opened the prison box and told me to come out ..”No thank you very much, I am quite comfy in here and I really think I will stay, if you don’t mind” … apparently that was the wrong answer and I was upended onto the table (I’m not allowed on the table at home .. hmmm .. few double standards there!)

The Nice Lady complimented me on my clean teeth and ears and glossy coat and how lovely I was, she tickled my tummy with something and I tried to get to Evil Mother, but I wasn’t allowed.  Evil Mother held my paw though, so that was ok, she does love me, my Evil Mother! 

THEN the, what I thought was a Nice Lady, stuck a needle in me AND THEN she rammed a tablet down my throat!  I was NOT happy .. but at least then I was allowed to get back into the prison box .. it was quite a relief to have that door shut on me!

So Evil Mother drags me back out to the car and off we go.  I am trying to hold down the tablet the Not Nice Lady gave me, but I hoped we were now going home!

When we finally got home after hours and hours and Evil Mother let me out of prison, I decided I would show my disgust by disappearing outside for a few hours just to worry them .. WRONG MOVE .. it was pissing down .. so I sat in my hiding place for a bit .. and then went back in .. they didn’t appear to have missed me!

Anyway, this is where I sat for the rest of the evening.


Evil Mother’s not that bad .. I fink I love her!

PS:  Evil Mother has told me I must inform you that we were only out of the house for 40 minutes .. whatever that means!

How fair is this?

Surely relationships should be a two-way street.

This morning, I took Pig to get his van at 5.15 am .. when I got home there was no real point going back to bed, so I ..

  • put the washing on
  • put the washing from last night in the tumble dryer
  • sorted the washing I took out of the tumble dryer
  • emptied and re-filled the dishwasher
  • cleaned the hob, sink and work surfaces
  • hoovered
  • dusted
  • tidied some stuff away into boxes and had a general clear up and clear out
  • had a shower
  • went to work ….

Pig reckons he will be home early today and his intention is to laze in the bath this afternoon .. I meanwhile have to take the cat somewhere to have some person stick a needle in him to vaccinate him from nasty lurgies (I am unsure of Cat’s reading abilities so have had to code this).

I have to be there at 5:30 .. I leave work at 5:00 .. I will be lucky if I make it on time, especially as Pig will not have crated up the cat for me, so I will have that little pleasure too – that is if I can find the bugger, as he seems to be spending a lot of time under the floorboards at the moment!

I asked Pig if he could do it .. his answer was no, as it’s my cat – only when Cat has to go somewhere does he become my cat, the rest of the time it’s his cat!

No doubt when I get home I’ll have to cook the dinner too … well I’ve got news for him!

Bloody men!