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Happy Happy Happy

My mum is luurrvly!  Having spoken to her today, she is prepared to pay off the mortgage .. having waited 18 months to get out of the “fixed period” ..  during which Pig has agreed to rent the place out (obviously once the place is fixed up) … life is finally looking up!

Can’t think ..

The weekend I had was great (big 😀 to the Friday crowd, and big 😦 to those who missed it .. we missed you), and I managed to absent myself from home and Pig for most of it .. a fact that is probably going to rear it’s ugly head very soon and probably tonight!  The thought of having another set-to with Pig is making my insides knotted, I can’t concentrate on anything for any length of time .. and certainly am not remembering anything .. in fact, I’m not even listening most of the time – the lights are on but there is absolutely no-one at home!  The desire to opt out of life is very high (but that’s the cowards way out – it’s just I am very very scared) .. that or should I just go to sleep until it is all over.

I saw my mum on Friday evening and bit the bullet and told her .. her immediate response was .. “we’ll buy him out” .. she’s since talked to the rest of the family and they are behind me .. so forget if I’ve ever said anything bad about them please! 😀

But now I don’t really know what to do .. I need to get the house valued, I know that .. but then what?  Certainly right now I am not in the right frame of mind to think logically about the whys and wherefores .. the one thing I do know I want is, a small place of my own, where I can shut my own front door and not let anyone in unless I want to!  However the road to that particular place is going to be long and very bumpy!  At the moment, mentally, I’m a bit fucked!

Rant: Stop it!

The other week Pig and I went to a meal on the anniversary of his Dad’s death with Pig’s mum, sister, brother & girlfriend .. I didn’t want to go as whilst Pig and I won’t forget him, his family feel the need to celebrate every anniversary (it will be his birthday soon and they will do something for that too) .. and I am of the opinion that this is going a tad too far … either his passing, or his birthday?  Choose which one and stick to it .. I’m suggesting his birthday which is a far happier day rather than his deathday!

Anyway, the meal was alright (nothing special) and I was in charge of sorting the money .. everyone, (except his mum) put in and Pig threw in two £50 notes … I was counting it up and discovered there was too much money so went to give Pig one of his £50’s back .. his mother snatched that out of my hand and said “that’ll pay for my glasses”.   WTF????  She hadn’t paid for her meal because we all had and then she goes and SNATCHES the £50!  I let it go, but was fuming at the nerve of her!!!

So, Pig (drunkenly) says to me last night, “do you want to go for Sunday lunch at that restaurant this weekend with mum and Littlebro?”  My instant thought was NO FUCKING WAY after last time .. so I asked “why?”  (I know it’s Pig’s birthday next week, but I am going to treat it in the same way as he treats mine .. and ignore it totally).

He said there was no reason but his mum had suggested it at the meal and he thought that it would be nice on Sunday.  So I said that was ok but when I asked what time he replied “12.30” … which is way too early for me to eat on a Sunday I’ve told him to book it, but I really don’t want to go because of his mother’s grasping nature which will no doubt rear it’s ugly head again then!


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Christmas Presents for 77 year olds!

Help, I completely, totally, do not know what to get my mother for Christmas … she doesn’t need much and anything she does need, she buys .. anyone with any inspired ideas out there for something useful?