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Today is mainly going to be ..


I’m doing the yard – AGAIN!  At least though it is only 7 horses and the 3 that live together are really close to the yard .. but ..

Today and tomorrow they are going to be dismantling a trailer/container that has sat on the site for about 20 years.  It’s not a small one .. it’s.very.very.very.large .. and it’s going to be noisy and messy and there are going to be big machines involved.

Fact: Horses.are.stupid!

So this morning I decided I would be very clever, as I have no idea what time these guys are going to be on site and I would get up early (read: bloody) and get the horses out by 7.00 so that nobody was frightened by big scary machines or noisy cutting instruments and that they would all be settled in their fields and not think anything strange was happening.  I.have.been.up.since.5.30!

Tonight, I don’t know what to expect, how much mess, how much going way out of my way to get to the yard to avoid dangerous things on the ground that a horse might step on and hurt itself – trust me – if they can damage themselves, this lot, they will!

Then there is the added, “something’s different, but I don’t know what, so I’ll be a pratt” .. I’ve got to deal with 4 like that!  Great.

Finger watch may well become “some other part of my body watch” .. could be rope burn, could be stomped on and squished!

Tomorrow will be very similar but with “prattish” goings on at both ends of the day … and all before dealing with the FC!

Wish me luck!

Finger Watch .. OMFG

My finger has not been getting any better .. in fact sometimes it has got worse, it’s been painful, purple and I can definitely feel it’s there .. it’s been 9 weeks since the “accident” happened.

 Then, this morning, I woke up and thought .. “hmmm there’s something different about this morning” .. examined my finger and .. WAIT FOR IT .. it is nearly .. nearly back to normal .. I can practically straighten it, and whilst it is still a bit deformed .. I think it might finally be “on the mend”.

Woooo hoooo!

He’s got a new home!

Horse is going.  On Saturday.  To Essex.  To be a companion.  Aaah

Boy that was quick.  I hope it works out all right, there are so many shady people about, but at least he’s not being put down.

Mixed emotions .. heartbreak and lots of tears (and he’s not gone yet), but the sensible side of me is saying “it’s for the best”.


A lot f**ked off and feeling sorry for myself!

One of my daily tasks is to open the post!  Now whilst I am not generally a really nosy person, I was opening the company bank statements and as I unfolded them, I noticed something that really didn’t sit right with me!

The building I work in is short staffed (down 1 person) and I help out wherever and whenever necessary often without being asked and often going the extra mile .. for little or no thanks .. this is on top of what I do (and what and who I put up with) in my own job.

Anyway what I saw, much to my disgust, was that the two other people had been given a fairly substantial bonus .. whereas I got nothing!

One of the girls actually said to me earlier on in the month that what I spent on Horse in a month was her entire mortgage and Council Tax payment (and I can safely say that I have cut any spending on Horse back to the bone .. he has nothing he doesn’t physically need) .. and yet she still says pleads poverty and says she has no money and yet comes in each week with something new!

My mortgage and Council Tax come to something like 4 times hers .. and I cannot remember the last time I bought myself anything .. oh yes I do .. I bought my own Christmas present from Pig!  My clothes are all falling to bits and we have no food for this weekend .. and it’s only the middle of the month.

I can’t say anything .. because I shouldn’t have seen it .. but I have just made a New Year’s resolution that I shall remain sitting at my desk and not helping any more!

Last year was proper rubbish .. and it looks like this year isn’t going to be much better!

I hate January

it’s cold (well actually right now it’s not) but it’s wet, damp, dark, blurry windy and generally pretty miserable.

Horse hasn’t been out in the field for 3 days because of the weather and consequently when he HAD to go out this morning he was terribly over-excited about the whole prospect which meant that it was a pretty hairy trip the 1/3 of a mile we had to walk.  The wind was blowing at hurricane strength (bringing with it numerous dragons who were going to eat us up), the rain was coming at us horizontally and Horse was mainly standing on his hind legs and then running round me in circles … and that was in the shelter of the trees .. when we got out of the shelter he stopped .. all 4 legs planted .. in front of me .. headbutted me and said “you’ve gotta be kidding .. I’d rather be back inside!” .. it was rather a case of 2 steps forward and 3 back trying to get up the hill to the field .. but we eventually made it .. the last I saw of him was him beettling up the field at his fastest pace to the shelter of the trees in the corner .. I hope he’s all right.

On the .. “he’s gotta go front” .. I have 2 people who are interested .. one who wants to hunt and the vet said yesterday that with his heart condition it was not a good idea (cross him off the list then) and the other .. is in hospital!  He has approximately 3 weeks left before the other alternative disposal of him happens!

On the broken house front .. I now have a beautifully plastered dining room and my kitchen just needs tiling on the walls … maybe Pig isn’t so bad after all!