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So, where to go now?? …

It’s been a funny old week!

On Monday the Receiver came into our office (eventually), where my boss and his son also sit, and shut the door.  He started with his spiel about what was going on, what he was doing, what he was doing with the staff, he looked at me and said “sadly I have no need to keep you on”.  I had accepted this outcome, it was no surprise to me .. my boss however shrunk, went bright red and started sweating!  After a few minutes I deemed it was acceptable for me to “take a fag break” and leave them to it – what was there for me to say, or stay for??

Eventually the meeting ended and I had a brief (very) conversation with the Receiver, where I admitted that I knew he wouldn’t need me and I didn’t have a problem with it (particularly – because anyone who’s read anything I’ve written about my boss knows he’s a cun wanker).  However he did say that he had told the boss that he was responsible for me and should make amends!   So having gone back to my desk my ex-boss (totally shrunken and defeated) said he would pay me “cash” to continue working for him for the foreseeable future, including making up any shortfall on my usual monthly wage.  The Administrator and Reciever are at loggerheads and the amount I will get paid this month is debatable.  I semi-agreed to this without being able to say much – I was put on the spot.  At lunchtime I deemed it was ok to go home to “think” .. actually meet a few friends for a drink and talk the situation over.

On Tuesday morning I went into work and told my boss that I would work until the end of the month, with him paying me cash for the 2 weeks.  I need a bit of time off, I don’t want to work for him any more and to lapse into a situation where I am being loyal and faithful, but can be shafted at any moment by not having a contract etc etc etc is out.of.order.  He accepted it very easily .. gulping and going red at the same time.  He looked shocked when I told him of my plan to a) possibly go to France and help some friends with their Gites or b) do “care work” for another friend’s company.  I suppose he thought I wouldn’t be able to find something too easily.  His son was suitably embarrassed too!

For my part I haven’t filed everything in the bin, just work related stuff, his personal stuff I have filed (but then I’m like that!).  Everything is backed up on the computer anyway, so his son can deal with it when I am gone.  I am upset at the way I have been treated and I shall be leaving people I like and who like me.  Two tenants gave me a hug when I told them I was going – which set me off – so I’ve told everyone to be really nasty to me next week but there will be tears I fear.  It’s been 7 years!  AND!

On The Admirer front – he says he’s being supportive, but a text from a joint friend to say they’d seen my status update and was I ok, garnered the reply “Dont know as not spoken for a while, will be home shortly to find out! Shame she has only known for a year it was going to happen and has done f all about it !”

Errrr???? I have been looking for a new job (but there actually haven’t been that many out there), but when this was officially on the cards there seemed a reason to stay for the time being .. ie redundancy!  I’m assured a “reasonable” payout from the State – BEARING IN MIND THAT SINCE THE AGE OF 20 I HAVE PAID BOTH MY TAXES AND NATIONAL INSURANCE WITH NO CLAIM ON THE STATE!

He also got the hump about my “possibly” going to France!  When was I going to tell him about this???  Err, when I had decided – it’s a whim, it is doable and I might regret not doing it!  In that case “don’t bother coming back” .. oh grow up!!!

We went to see Paul Heaton (he of the Housemartins and Beautiful South) last Wednesday at The Plough in Coldharbour, on his Pedals and Pumps tour (bringing the local pub back into the limelight).  It was fantastic and I was watching/listening from the minute the support band came on.  Paul Heaton was awesome.  He only did 2 “oldies” but the new stuff was fantastic too.  The pub we were in was owned by 2 members of his (up-its-arse) golf club .. and there were several members there too.  Cue me being wound up!  I got a (bit – not rip-roaringly) drunk (on wine which I don’t drink in huge quantities).  When I am drunk, apparently I become clumsy (who doesn’t) .. sorry???? Did I let you down or say something to anyone I shouldn’t??? (and who the fcuk are they to judge me anyway???)  Anyway .. was anyone else from “his” crowd out there freezing their watsits off listening to a complete god???? …. NO!  So what I was doing was of no importance to anyone but me! 

Last night I said I would cook a roast as he was going to be home late.  The way it is in our house, I do the meat generally and he does the veg.  I had prepared the chicken and the oven was cooking the chicken.  I had peeled the spuds, parsnips etc and had worked out the timings.  He came in and said he would do the roast potatoes and that I was to go and sit down and start watching the film that started at 9 so I could tell him how it started (Invasion – twas ok!) .. he then said, “aren’t you cooking dinner?” … er, you told me to start watching the film!  So please, am I not allowed to be confused by that????  Apparently I spoilt the evening by being confused.  Was I supposed to be cooking the dinner or watching the film?  They are in 2 different rooms.  I CANNOT do both!

Anyway, there is more and when I get my head around it I will blog.  I just love the way it’s all “me” that’s got the problem or got it wrong .. never him … I feel France coming on! 😀

Cat has security .. at a price!

I’ve got my place .. it’s amazing what you notice when you start to really look .. how BADLY Linden Homes finish their places (and how they can’t remember the fit-out spec 5 years on – I know who, what, when and where we furnished commercial property 15 years on!)  .. how crap estate agents are .. and how dis-interested some sellers are!

Anyway .. two weeks to the hour almost I have a tenant!!!

Having given the place a cursory clean, arranged for someone to give it a lick of paint (until that point no point in giving a deep clean) .. and attempting (not too badly) to clean the living room carpet .. I get a call – telling me how disgusting the place is – BUT – someone wants to rent it .. tomorrow!!!!

So, I am now in a state of panic .. the decorator has said he would do it this (last) week .. and he has indeed done a fantastic job.  I have a new living room carpet being installed this weekend, a gas certificate organised .. tiling getting sorted ..

HOWEVER .. the tenant wants it furnished and my intention was unfurnished (however the useless, rude, estate agents reckon I can get more for it furnished – so what the hell (and also the bolt hole thingy))!  The Tenant has been sent down from Leeds for 6 to 8 months with 1.5 weeks notice (where she has a house with a partner and doesn’t want to furnish a second property) .. so I get to go shopping! 😀 .  The client put her in the mingingest B&B possible (not too difficult around here .. so she decamped to a £140 a night hotel!) The tenant is also a lawyer .. the tenant thinks she can get the client to agree to a “non-rented retainer” .. as her situation happens  A.L.O.T!  So I am in a state of semi-panic!  She’s moving in on Wednesday .. bless the carpet fitters .. I got from them a very reasonable deal on the carpet, ditto a bed, table and chairs and a sofa (£30) so at least she has something to sit on until I can sort something properly and the fitters will deliver when they fit the carpet – so I am off shopping for crockery, cutlery, pots and pans .. does this sound like I’m nesting????

The Admirer has been ……………………… ok .. but I’m not sure he’s happy!  Mum and sisters are – that’s what matters!  I’ve not slept much since Tuesday because my head has been going round and round, I’m tired, I’m grumpy – it’s ok for him to be, but not for me!  Up till this point things in the relationship have been really quite good.

The good things .. rental which will cover all my costs (she’s paying more than the asking rent for furnishing it) .. a furnished flat (for me) .. I get to go shopping .. (except I have a funeral this afternoon and will have dish-pan hands tomorrow from cleaning) 😦  I have a holiday in 2 weeks with my 80 year old mother .. and money in the bank.

On another matter .. my company is due to fold .. today!  They are talking about re-employing us under another company .. errrr .. how do I tell my boss I don’t want to work for him???? 😉

I’m soo much calmer in myself tho and happier! Which is good! 😀

Scared ..

is how I am feeling today!

An odd thing happened ..

last night!

I was watching Men in Black on Tuesday (or possibly Wednesday) – when it was doesn’t really matter, but I decided that as I’d seen it before and I was tired I would go to bed and miss the ending.

So there I was channel hopping and I turned onto, wait for it, a repeat of Men in Black, now for the scary part, at exactly the point almost to the word, that I had turned the TV off at earlier in the week!

So I stayed up and watched the end!

Not interesting I know, just odd!