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In a funny ..

place today .. I can’t even put it into words .. and I don’t even know why!

My throat ..

is really really sore (as in swallowed a packet of razorblades sore) .. it swelled up so much in the night last night that I couldn’t either breathe or swallow and it frightened me quite badly, which added to the problem as I stood gasping for breath in the kitchen trying to get some water down me.  It’s much better this morning, but I am constantly aware of it!

I know that this is an offshoot of me being stressed, not eating properly, drinking and smoking too much .. but it’s been 2 weeks now .. I’m starting to think there is something really really wrong!

What do you say?

to a friend who phones you to find out your address, to send you a wedding invitation, that you know your other half won’t go to .. AND they don’t sound like they want to be there either!!

I’ve known Andy for years – he’s a really good bloke – well paid job, but appalling taste in women .. first there was Mad April (and she was M.A.D.!) .. then there was SallyAnne .. who was the spitting image of Mad April … this new one I’ve not met, it all seems a bit quick – she’s a nutritionalist/lifestyle guru type person who .. is stressed (doesn’t sound like she’s that good at her job!) – and Andy, well he sounded really down!

He’s a bit of a commitmentphobe (in the marriage stakes at least) and I wonder how much he has been pressured into getting married.

I’ll go, but I doubt Pig will!

Finger Watch … week 13

I had to go to the osteopath on Friday as my back was beginning to niggle, so for the first time ever I went before it got to the point where I couldn’t walk!

While I was there I mentioned my finger and he had a look and said that he was sure he could do something with it .. so he did!  I must admit that at one point I was near screaming with the pain, but after he had finished manipulating it .. it was distinctly BETTER!  It’s not 100% at the moment .. but he has said that he will manipulate it again for free some time this week, I just need to call .. it only takes 5 minutes.

So there I was thinking I would be disfigured for life .. and it seems that may not be so!

The only problem, is I seem to have developed the mother of all migraines .. so I am having to avoid my computer otherwise I throw up and my head explodes!

I am a tad ..

worried .. I have received an e:mail asking if my penis is too small .. I cannot find one .. am I normal?