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I mis-read!

From Ebay:

“Cataclismical, list your motor for half price this weekend”

I really really thought it said “your mother“!!!

I had thought …

I might change my mind on going to the Christmas “do” having had a very pleasant lunch on Friday with the other 2 Directors, and what with “he who must be obeyed” being out of the office for a week … but the Fucking Cunt has been back in the office for approximately 30 minutes .. and I am very definitely not going and will be phoning Pig in a minute to see if we can cope financially if I walk out today.

The answer to that is, yes we can, it just means NO luxuries.

But do I have the guts to actually do it?? (I don’t think so)

Bad hair day!

Having had a good old laugh at the second picture down on this blog courtesy of the wonderful PJB, it reminded me of a picture sent to me of a friend’s little boy, which also had me in a similar state of rolling on the floorness.

Please may I present, Continue reading

Nephew: Good News .. bad news day!

The good news Nephew, is that today is your 8th Birthday.

The bad news Nephew, is that you will be getting nothing out of me!  The fact that you are vile and have been telling and e:mailing people with what you want for Birthday and Christmas since January are the two main reasons.

The third reason is that you are soooo spoilt, you have everything anyway and your mother is having to have more cupboards built to hold the crap you already have, so why add to the million and one toys you don’t already play with ..

oh, and I’ve just thought of a fourth reason – when you are given something, you don’t have the manners to write a “Thank You” letter which in my opinion is probably the rudest thing you could do!

So, for your birthday, I’ve given you this blog post, which you won’t know about!

Happy Birthday Nephew!

What I did say ..

Accounts Lady

Re: Christmas Meal

I did say when you mentioned the 20th that I might not be able to go, I have now been told that the Christmas “do” I had agreed to go to with the yard is on that night (I was just waiting for confirmation of the date) – and I’ve paid for it already.


(Short & sweet, but .. get out of that!)