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Huh ???

Pig: “whereareyougoin????”

Me: “er … work?!?!?!”

Pig: “takethedayoffandspenditwithme”

Me: “I’d rather stick hot needles in my eyes”


Dom’s back …

yippee .. I was starting to think he’s stuck himself (accidentally of course) with one of his shiny things!

I must admit a couple of the self-hosted websites went AWOL yesterday!

Thank crunchie it’s Friday though and I don’t have to get up at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning.  I don’t know where Pig was last night, or what time he came home and got into bed .. except that he wanted a cuddle .. he never does .. so why then?  What had he been up to?

His parting words yesterday were “ring me” .. I didn’t all day and resisted the urge last night (to ring and scream), but settled in front of the TV, with the fire roaring, cat on my lap and a delicious piece of steak with chips, fried onions and mushrooms .. oh and a large drink!  Luuuurvly!  I had wanted to relax in the bath, but the food and heat from the fire made me sleepy, so I went to bed at 10.00 .. and slept through until the twat woke me up.  I think I shall be doing the same tonight .. except with a different dinner and no fire, because I used the last of the coal and wood yesterday 😦

Let’s hope the FC doesn’t live up to his name today and all will be well with the (my) world!

Effing Cat!

I got home from the Chrizmaz do last night (apologies .. still pizzed) … I needed a pee .. badly!  Cat came with me .. blezz .. he got in the bath and started lepping aroudn .. I lifted the mat and the largest motherfuckin’ mouse was under it.  Pig rescude me and it .. this moaming when I went to have a shower there was a mouse’s head … and loadsa blood .. din’t look sooo good .. suppose it could have bin worser though .. could have been a horse’s head in teh bed nxet to me!

I think I’m in a bad mood!

This week has been nice as the FC is out of the country .. bothering the South Africans .. and I couldn’t think of a  nicer bunch of people for him to be bothering either .. except the time difference isn’t large enough .. but he has mainly NOT been bothering me, and even when he does he has been quite nice.

But other people are seriously pissing me off.

One of the receptionists has been here for about 8 years, the other has just returned from having 3 or so years off.  Every time I walk into the Reception area, they shut up .. it’s as if they are talking about me, which I am sure they aren’t, it’s just not a nice feeling.  The older of the two is also being really quite aggressive in her comments .. I showed her my new boots “well, I don’t like them, I tried them on but you wouldn’t catch me wearing them, I think they are horrid” .. Thanks a bunch!  She’s leaving in about 3 weeks, so I’m not too bothered .. but even so (although she has started being very nice .. I suppose that’s so I’ll contribute large amounts to the leaving pressie)!

Secondly, the Business Centre Manager is really starting to piss me off with her tales of her holiday to Nevis to stay at her parents-in-laws house, the first class seats they had (paid for by said parents-in-law) and how she doesn’t want to go and live in the parents-in-law’s £15m house until they can find a new one to buy .. so why do it for god’s sake, can’t you rent somewhere?  Although the new house will need to be approved by parents-in-law before it can be bought .. (and no, there’s no jealousy .. his parents are unbelievable .. I’d rather have my own money and spend it as I wished rather than have someone tell me how to spend it and on what!)

Accounts Lady is pissing me off too because she still hasn’t mentioned my e:mail!

So I think, all in all, I am in a bad mood ..

How fair is this?

Surely relationships should be a two-way street.

This morning, I took Pig to get his van at 5.15 am .. when I got home there was no real point going back to bed, so I ..

  • put the washing on
  • put the washing from last night in the tumble dryer
  • sorted the washing I took out of the tumble dryer
  • emptied and re-filled the dishwasher
  • cleaned the hob, sink and work surfaces
  • hoovered
  • dusted
  • tidied some stuff away into boxes and had a general clear up and clear out
  • had a shower
  • went to work ….

Pig reckons he will be home early today and his intention is to laze in the bath this afternoon .. I meanwhile have to take the cat somewhere to have some person stick a needle in him to vaccinate him from nasty lurgies (I am unsure of Cat’s reading abilities so have had to code this).

I have to be there at 5:30 .. I leave work at 5:00 .. I will be lucky if I make it on time, especially as Pig will not have crated up the cat for me, so I will have that little pleasure too – that is if I can find the bugger, as he seems to be spending a lot of time under the floorboards at the moment!

I asked Pig if he could do it .. his answer was no, as it’s my cat – only when Cat has to go somewhere does he become my cat, the rest of the time it’s his cat!

No doubt when I get home I’ll have to cook the dinner too … well I’ve got news for him!

Bloody men!