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Whooohoo .. shouldabinadetective

As I am so exceedingly clever and decided I didn’t want to trawl through hours of tape .. I did something else and within 5 minutes found the thieves of the stolen car!

Now I just have to remember how to download it to CD! 😀

Happy Ending!

You won’t know .. coz I didn’t write anything yesterday, but we found a baby hedgehog at work .. sitting on the patio and looking incredibly sorry for itself .. and in fact it was having real trouble standing up.

So we watched it for a while on the CCTV camera and after about an hour decided that “something wasn’t right”, so I phoned Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead who said that Hedgehogs shouldn’t be out during the day and could we put it in a box and give it some water and possibly bring it to them?

So that is what we did.  Centre Manager put it in a box with a towel, with some water and we put it in our utility room until 5.00.  It was pathetic and looked half dead and neither of us held out much hope for it.  We checked on it throughout the afternoon and it was still lying in the corner making no attempt to move .. by 5.00 we expected it to be dead .. but no!  It had curled itself up in the towel we had put in the box.

So I took it into the rescue centre where they had a look at it and said it was a real baby (how old, I have no idea .. it was probably the size of a very large hamster or a small guinea-pig).

Anyway (I’m using that word a lot today) .. I’ve just phoned them and the little “hog” is fine and has been drinking and eating and is with some other baby hogs and will be released as soon as it is well enough!

This isn’t the hedgehog .. I would have taken a picture but it seemed a little unfair as it was in such a poorly condition, but here is a picture of a very very similar looking hedgehog..


Aah!  As my mother would say, all’s well that ends well!

PS: we called him Herman


Whooppeee dooooooooooo .. it is my last day in the office, coz I’m outta here .. on me hols .. sunning it .. getting burnt, drunk – but not too much as I’m with my mum :o(


The Fat Controller has just vacated the office for the rest of the day having been incredidibly nice to me (????) … he doesn’t do nice very often .. I feel a tiny party coming on .. just for 1 .. but if anyone wants to join in they can!

Dollys STB

The cheque arrived this morning!

So this one’s for you Dollys!

This one’s for you!

and the money is all mine!