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Redundant ..

whilst it’s not a surprise, things have been (really) up and down for the last 3 weeks, but the Administrator and the LPA Receiver cannot agree.  As of 5.30 this evening (whilst not being paid for today or Monday anyway) I am redundant!

The redundancy doesn’t bother me .. particularly.  Some things are meant to happen and meant to happen for a reason.  It’s happened in a different way before and I wouldn’t be here today if those things hadn’t happened.  So in that respect I am fairly positive. And now it has happened it’s a relief really.

So .. what am I going to do???

I’m not sure what, there are several possibilities .. I want to have a boob job .. not of the enlarging variety I might add.  It would be a good time to do it, I could recover and look gently for a new job – taking leave for an elective procedure ain’t the best idea.  The thought of the operation scares me mightily, but would be a good thing for me as it will give me confidence (and let me fit into clothes I thought I might never wear again).  An extended holiday would be good too – especially with this bloomin volcano erupting every 5 minutes!  Sleep sounds good too!  Thinking!  There’s a lot to think about right now.  My position here with the Admirer is wearing thin – I seem to be the butt of every criticism and put down going (but guess what .. I’m not allowed to have an opinion) .. so revert back to my first sentence and the boob job and the confidence thing.   My flat is rented out at exorbitant a month, so at least I have a reasonable income from that to tide me over.  However the downside is, I don’t have a hole to bolt to! (although sisters have already covered that one with me).

Bizarrely today I thought about getting another horse.  I want to get back into riding and will seriously think about it (getting a horse), whilst having  few hacks and lessons locally and re-befriending people who have horses I can ride for free.  Mebbe the pleasure without the pain first!??  I need something structured and routine-like in my life.

I’m in an odd place.  I am not upset about the redundancy, but I am extremely angry with my “ex” boss.  He has not said one word to me about my position in the process of the recent events.  I have to go to work on Monday.  I shall not be doing anything for him and the pile of filing on my desk will go in the bin.  He’s a shit (but I stupidly didn’t realise quite how much of one he was/is) .. and as I leave .. I’ll be turning the light off!  Mebbe I’m a bit embarrassed about how thick I’ve been, but I’ve been so bored at work recently, it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security (dis-interest??) (that’s not the right words, but please try and understand what I mean).  I think the dis-interest has led to a lack of blogging too .. too bored to blog!

Henceforth a new era .. and I think (sincerely hope) a good better time for me! 😀

Anyway .. I’m off to get trolleyed (spelling) .. ok then “off my face” .. but actually I’m quite tired and having had my hair washed and blow dried today with Dwight “ohmyfuckinggodyouarethe greatest” hairdresser, I want to show it off!  (I had extensions (freeeee!!!) – volumising – in the week and they.are.the.bollocks .. but Dwight needs to get to grips with dealing with extensions .. which allows me a weekly visit to get my hair done for the next 3 weeks or so (just as well it’s free bearing in mind I shall have no money!)

Love to all you consistent bloggers out there!

Cat x

Cat has security .. at a price!

I’ve got my place .. it’s amazing what you notice when you start to really look .. how BADLY Linden Homes finish their places (and how they can’t remember the fit-out spec 5 years on – I know who, what, when and where we furnished commercial property 15 years on!)  .. how crap estate agents are .. and how dis-interested some sellers are!

Anyway .. two weeks to the hour almost I have a tenant!!!

Having given the place a cursory clean, arranged for someone to give it a lick of paint (until that point no point in giving a deep clean) .. and attempting (not too badly) to clean the living room carpet .. I get a call – telling me how disgusting the place is – BUT – someone wants to rent it .. tomorrow!!!!

So, I am now in a state of panic .. the decorator has said he would do it this (last) week .. and he has indeed done a fantastic job.  I have a new living room carpet being installed this weekend, a gas certificate organised .. tiling getting sorted ..

HOWEVER .. the tenant wants it furnished and my intention was unfurnished (however the useless, rude, estate agents reckon I can get more for it furnished – so what the hell (and also the bolt hole thingy))!  The Tenant has been sent down from Leeds for 6 to 8 months with 1.5 weeks notice (where she has a house with a partner and doesn’t want to furnish a second property) .. so I get to go shopping! 😀 .  The client put her in the mingingest B&B possible (not too difficult around here .. so she decamped to a £140 a night hotel!) The tenant is also a lawyer .. the tenant thinks she can get the client to agree to a “non-rented retainer” .. as her situation happens  A.L.O.T!  So I am in a state of semi-panic!  She’s moving in on Wednesday .. bless the carpet fitters .. I got from them a very reasonable deal on the carpet, ditto a bed, table and chairs and a sofa (£30) so at least she has something to sit on until I can sort something properly and the fitters will deliver when they fit the carpet – so I am off shopping for crockery, cutlery, pots and pans .. does this sound like I’m nesting????

The Admirer has been ……………………… ok .. but I’m not sure he’s happy!  Mum and sisters are – that’s what matters!  I’ve not slept much since Tuesday because my head has been going round and round, I’m tired, I’m grumpy – it’s ok for him to be, but not for me!  Up till this point things in the relationship have been really quite good.

The good things .. rental which will cover all my costs (she’s paying more than the asking rent for furnishing it) .. a furnished flat (for me) .. I get to go shopping .. (except I have a funeral this afternoon and will have dish-pan hands tomorrow from cleaning) 😦  I have a holiday in 2 weeks with my 80 year old mother .. and money in the bank.

On another matter .. my company is due to fold .. today!  They are talking about re-employing us under another company .. errrr .. how do I tell my boss I don’t want to work for him???? 😉

I’m soo much calmer in myself tho and happier! Which is good! 😀


On Saturday night I had to drop a couple of customers home .. their dad was too frail to walk the mile or so .. they were South Africans!  In my opinion South African men are the most arrogant on the planet (so shoot me for having an opinion) .. these guys weren’t – a fact that shocked me! They were supposed to pay me for taking them as they couldn’t get a cab – but they didn’t – but hell, it wasn’t actually too far out of my way .. yesterday they bought me a bunch of flowers as a thank you!

I’m not sure the Admirer was over pleased about me being bought flowers by random customers but he carried them home for me and put them in a vase and apologised for not buying me flowers! 😀

Edit: and thanks to this post .. I now know they are Peonies!


The bar manager is on holiday right now, so last night I was working with the landlord, who had to remain relatively sober and downstairs till close of play, rather than pouring himself upstairs at around 8 pm.  The landlord is a good guy with a huge heart, but he does love to beat up on his bar staff, especially those who have been there a while and can take it!  Staff that are too sensitive don’t last long!

He is a real East End bloke and he knows some very colourful people, he is also larger than life and likes to be the life and soul of the party.  It’s always been said that in LittlePub you can get a drink, a meal, your car serviced or a contract taken out on someone .. it’s very very true!  Last night he had a jokey pop at me about 10 minutes into the shift .. Me: “Hmm M, 7 till 7:10, do you think that could possibly be the world’s shortest shift?”

When I use the words  “working with” what I really mean is I worked and the landlord didn’t!  It was quite busy last night early on, and I was managing to juggle serving at least three different sets of customers at one time and remembering to take their money (except for one, but he owned up to it), and sort the restaurant drinks and card payments out.  At the same time I was getting abuse from the landlord who added to my burden by buying everyone drinks and was telling me off for being slow!!!  He could easily have done the drinks himself!

His name for me is “Fucking Happy!” … generally because I am not a “smiley” sort of person!   However I got him good and proper one time as when I started work he said “uh oh, here comes Fucking Happy, better get her a drink and cheer her up” .. Me: “for your information M .. I’ve just been told my grandmother died, I think that’s a reason enough to be unhappy” .. I’ve never seen anyone move so fast after me as I shot out the pub in tears!

Anywho, last night as we I finished up and he I was locking up and trying to get the last stragglers out .. he called me to one side.

“Cat, I think you’ve done the right thing leaving Pig, I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time. I am really pleased for you.  Well done!”

Fair made my night!

Better Day ..

It all got rather silly after the FC left the office and the bear that I have sitting on my desk that is “him” got quite a beating!

The FC

Actually it got thrown around and stamped on and kicked up and down the coridoor by me and Business Centre Manager!  Childish, but well these things happen!.

Enter Charliebobsmum .. she took bear into protective custody .. and then the e:mails started ..

“Dear Miss Cat

I am writing to inform you that Bear has now been placed with a foster parent.

I understand  that Bear has friends to play with in his new home (Harry the polar bear).

If you would like supervised visitation please contact the foster parent direct (Ms J G)

Many Thanks



This was closely followed by ..

“Dear Miss Business Centre Manager

I understand from the police reports, CCTV (found on You Tube) and Bear’s statements that you “stamped on his “winky woo”.

At this point we are looking to bring charges to both you and Miss Cat. So I advise that you start shitting it!

Many Thanks



Well I had to reply, didn’t I!?

“Dear Charliebobsmum

Many thanks for your recent correspondence which I have read with great amusement.

The fact that you have placed Bear in care is of much delight to me as he was a miserable little bugger at the best of times and deserved the kicking he may or may not just have had on many occasions, certainly in recent weeks.  This correspondence however is not an admittance of guilt to doing the bear any harm.

Since I have had him (5 years on Monday .. medal please) he has lived the life of riley and wanted for nothing.

I think it necessary to have supervised visitation as next time I might actually kill the little shit, rather than just think about it!


Miss Cat”

Then The Admirer got involved!

Dear CharliebobsmumFollowing the recent allegations made towards both Miss Business Centre Manager and Miss Cat I would like to add the following:

Whilst unable to speak for Miss Business Centre Manager I am able to confirm that with regard to Miss Cat, her recent behaviour towards the Bear is not of any great surprise. I state this having been witness to numerous comments from Miss Cat in recent weeks as to the desired actions she would like to take towards the Bear. At the time I felt that Tourettes was the reason for these outbursts, however I now realise that indeed these comments should have been taken more seriously in order to avoid the recent horrific behaviour.

I should add in the defence of Miss Cat that for some considerable time she has been living with great difficulty and numerous mental health problems, this quite clearly is shown by her inability to function normally on certain occasions.

I hope you will see fit to act leniently following this particular event. Perhaps a damn good spanking is in order!

Best regards

Dr The Admirer
Mental Health Authority of Nowhere”

and on receipt of my reply to Charliebobsmum, The Admirer came back with this one ..

“Having just been passed a copy of Miss Cat’s reply to your previous letter I am gravely concerned.Please ignore any attempts of mine to beg for light sentencing and please please throw all pages of the book at Miss Cat.

It is quite clear to me that the poor girl is suffering from severe mental stress and requires sectioning at the earliest opportunity. Preferably this weekend.

Best regards

Dr The Admirer

PS:  Whilst not wishing to cause alarm, I am aware that Miss Cat has in her possession a rather cute, soft, fluffy hound. This along with access to sharp implements causes me much concern.”

  1. At least it cheered a bad day up!
  2. The Admirer is back in my good books!
  3. It made me laugh so hard I nearly wet myself (don’t know if that’s a good thing!
  4. When the FC is being shitty this afternoon, I just think about it .. it’s easier to deal with him then!