Female … 40 something … bored, oh so very bored with life which currently is on the up and out!

Moved out of joint broken house where I lived with Pig (after 10 years of drunken hell I’d had enough) & had to leave my little Cat.

My life is changing and I am single again – a fact that I am immensly happy about !

I used to have Horse, but he due to the financial money managing crapness of Pig, I had to let him go after 10 years.  He went as a companion but the wankers sold him on!  I just hope he’s happy wherever he is.

HATE Heinz Baked Beans, sweetcorn, couscous, coffee & reality TV Shows!

LOVE Marmite and reading (anything and everything!)

2 comments so far

  1. karinametro on

    I absolutely love this blog!! I just clicked on it randomly and was very glad from the bits that I read that I did read it!!!

    You would make a great column writer!!

    karinametro x

  2. Arrows on

    My comments are the same as previous poster, brilliant blog and how random to happen upon this!!


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