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Thank goodness ..

I’m outta there!

I did the last bits and pieces today .. got bunny food, delivered presents – to be given a present of my own!

When I left twat face, he had lent out certain of my DVD’s to “friends” and family.  Now I only buy DVD’s I want to keep and could watch time and time again .. so I asked him “politely” to get them back.  I received a bag today with a few other bits and pieces I had left .. and about 10 DVD’s .. of which 3 were mine! (oh .. and wait for it .. a hole punch I’d nicked from work – how effing pathetic!)

I lost it totally and sent a text saying basically he’d got it totally wrong .. and I wanted my stuff back and would return that which was not mine.  He sent a pathetic text back saying “it’s not my fault, it must be “supposed” best friend” .. to which .. at “seeing red” point I told him to “go forth and multiply”.  Not big, not clever but it just affirms what a limpdick he was!

When I left he “supposedly” changed the locks.  Locked stuff away.  I took nothing that wasn’t legally mine .. that’s the kind of person I am .. he is such an arse ..

and I am ranting ..

and so I went out ..

last night with my flasher!  We went to a local pub and had beer and food and we did not stop talking all evening, and I’ve not laughed so much in a very long time.

I did manage to slide over on the way home (note to self: “do not be nosey”) – he was very nice and helped me up and brushed me down .. not that I’d hurt myself .. but some other people wouldn’t have helped.

Back at his we had wine .. and chatted and chatted .. and eventually went to bed (separate rooms) at around mid-night.

He was a total gentleman throughout the whole evening and we both agreed that we had enjoyed it and were going to get together tonight, but both decided we’d had a little too much to drink yesterday and a quiet night apart was in order.

So what did we talk about – anything and everything – and we both agreed that neither of us was ready for anything “physical” right now .. he’s been on his own for about 6 months – me, as you know 6 weeks (ish).  I don’t know if there could be more to this relationship than just friends, but I think I told him more about me in 1 night than I told The Admirer in 2.5 years!  We’ve both agreed “friends” is good, “hugs” are good!

We’ve spoken on the phone this evening and will no doubt talk later.  He’s already said he would look into job vacancies where he works.  His claim to fame is that he is the only non-clinical matron in the country! (quite what that means .. I not too sure :s )

I’m fine.  I will be fine.  I am not rushing into anything.

Today’s the day ..

I am quite excited.

I need to leave a note with the keys when I post them.  What should I say???  Part of me is harping on the bitchy, some on the pathetic, and some on the cool calm and collected.

I’ve still not told him my new address and filled in an application form yesterday and intentionally left that bit blank.

I have plans for tomorrow (buy TV) .. but Monday is looming a bit blank – mebbe I’ll go shopping to Kingston for interview clothes, Tuesday is full, Wednesday blank and Thursday I have the doctors and Salsa in the evening ..  Friday I have the Consultant .. the nurses are over the moon at how I am healing – one of the girls is totally healed and the scarring is minimal, the other has a 50p size to go where I had the infection … but after that???

The mental health guy was .. to be honest .. weird .. almost an albino Nigerian!  He suggested 3 things that needed to be addressed or people I should be referred to ..

1.  Alcohol and drug abuse – I do have a problem, not a massive one, but would like to address the problem that I drink too much.  Possibly the odd one or two at lunchtime, if we went out 2 or 3 followed by a couple of glasses of wine at home .. probably 6 days a week.  It’s not a huge problem as when I was on Metronidazol (spelling) for an infection I was not allowed to drink one drop .. it didn’t phase me, make me ill or have me craving a drink and I went over the 7 days before I had one .. so the problem is not huge, but I feel any help is better than no help.

2.  Relate – errrr no!

3.  Psychologist.  I know where the problems are and what mine are.  I just need help in solving them and how to deal with them.

He also suggested that if I mentioned to the doctor that I wanted to join a gym they could get me a discount as it was for medical reasons.  I shall be going down that route!

That’s about it for the moment .. as I need to get washed .. fill the car with petrol .. fill the car with stuff .. and wait for my sister and brother-in-law.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive over the last few years, it is very much appreciated, you could see what I could but didn’t want to.

A blog is a selfish place .. my place, my place to be selfish.